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Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Synchronverters for Microgrid Applications
Authors: M. A. elsayad;A. M. Abdin;M. H. Shaalan
Year: 2017
Keywords: load sharing, microgrid (MG), parallel inverters, renewable energy (RE), smart grid, static synchronous generator (SSG), synchronverter (SV), virtual synchronous generator (VSG), voltage drooping.
Journal: ACCS'017&PEIT'017
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the synchronverter (SV) model is revised and thoroughly examined. Detailed simulation blocks are clarified and presented using Matlab/Simulink. The aim is to enhance inertia contribution to approach equivalent real synchronous generator (SG) and by another meaning gridfriendly inverter that mimic the operation of conventional SG. Improvements in the modes of operation grid-connected and stand-alone modes are obtained. SV is able to transfer seamlessly between the two modes and then as provide solution for smart grids and microgrids (MGs). An automatic synchronization unit is used to minimize disturbances at instant of connection to grid. Unlike most previous works in this area of research, the present one simulates also the pulse width modulation (PWM) inverter to monitor the dc bus condition during different conditions of operation. The results of simulation are presented to check the above ideas.

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