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Prof. Fayez Naguib Eskandar :: Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
18. The first international conference: “Life in Egypt during the Coptic era”, organised by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2010
16. The international historical conference: “Homs across history”. Faculty of Arts, Homs 2008
17. Three international scientific conferences: “The Arabic Armenian relations” 2008
11. Symposium of the Egyptian school of history writing in the ninth century hegira, the fifth century A.D. organised by the higher council of culture. 2007
12. Harvest of the Alliance of Arabic historians 2007
14. Islamic and middle ages history seminar, sponsored by the faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University 2007
13. Damascus in history, international symposium 2006
9. The conference of human sciences and community modernisation. Faculty of Arts, El Menya University 2003
10. Symposium of the economic life in Egypt from Alexander the great till the Arabic conquest, Ain Shams University. 2003
8. The celebration of the tenth diamond year (750 years) of the Egyptian victory in El Mansoura battle 2000
The crusaders in the East, in the second international conference of Beirut 1999
The cultural symposium of the faculty of Arts, Sana’a, university, Yemen 1994
The Arabic symposium of the relations between East and West during the middle ages, Alexandria 1992
Muslims in Europe symposium, Faculty of Arts, Cairo university 1991
The symposium of Irako-Egyptian relations. 1990
The Arabic symposium of El quds day” in Kuwait, 1989
15. The cultural season of the Egyptian society of historical studies 1986
The eight historical symposium of Constantinople university 1983
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