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Prof. Fayez Naguib Eskandar :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Huda Ali Said. Peter the Hermit and the First Crusade (1095-1096AD) and (488-490 AH) Completed
Iman Abdel Moneam Mahmoud. Foreign policy of the empire Forfofas (352-359 AH) and (963-969 AD) Completed
Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammad. Political relations between Taymor Lnl and West European (1370-1405 AD 772-807 AH) Completed
Abu Taleb Fatooh Ali. Baron John of the English gent and his role in the history of England in the second half of the fourteenth century Completed
Marwa Abdel Rahman Kamel. Family life in Egypt in the Byzantine era (284-642 AD) Completed
Mohammad Abdel Gawad Mahmoud. Lol Raymond Spanish missionary and his attempts to revive the Crusades (1291-1315 AD 691-715 AH) Completed
Heba Gabre Atia. European policy of the Byzantine Empire during the reign of Emperor Constantine V (741-775 AD) Completed
Mai Salah elDien Abdel Raziq. Alkrj Byzantine territory of the country and Muslims (787 -1089 AD) - (171-482 AH) Completed
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