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Prof. Fayez Naguib Eskandar :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1-2. Assigned as an active member and a head of the exams control committee in the faculty, because of the importance of consciousness and commitment in these delicate and difficult tasks. Actually, I am assigned to revise the scores and the final results of the exams of one of the student classes
Scientific Activities of 2008
2-4. Nominated as counsellor and referee of the journal of the faculty of Arts, Banha University.
Scientific Activities of 2001
3-3. During the period when I was the chief of history department, I put new guidelines in coordination with the department council, sorrowfully not applied till now despite my great efforts to put them.
Scientific Activities of 1978
4-1. Actively shared in all students’ activities from the date of my assignment to the faculty Banha, Zaqaziq University by presiding and forming student active groups.
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