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Prof. Fayez Naguib Eskandar :: Experience:

  • 1- Member of the scientific permanent committee- history- for accreditation of assistant professors (2001-2004)
  • 2- Assigned to evaluate the works and essays of some professors and assistant professors.
  • 3- Assigned to teach history in Batna and Constantinople University, Algeria from 1982 till 1985. I also supervised some scientific thesis.
  • 4- Assigned to teach history in the faculty of literature ,Sana’a university from 1992 till 1998 where I initiated and inaugurated for the first time in Yemen, a preparatory year for the Master degree of middle ages. At that time I supervised five post graduate students, three of which obtained their Master degree. The first student passed her Doctorate in Egypt under my supervision and returned to the faculty of pedagogy in Arhab to be the first Yemeni to have passed her Doctorate in middle ages history.
  • 5- During these six years I was assigned to teach middle ages subjects in the faculties of pedagogy of Sana’a, Mahawit and Arhab.
  • 6- Assigned to teach some subjects to the post graduate students in the preparatory year of their Master degree, in the faculties of Ain Shams (many years), El Mansoura, El Zaqaziq and Tanta. I also supervised and discussed many Master and Doctorate thesis.
  • 7- Supervised many Master and Doctorate thesis in the faculty of Arts, Banha University. I also co-supervised a Master degree thesis in Andalusian history at the faculty of Arts, El Mansoura University. I also discussed many thesis in the faculties of literature in Cairo, Alexandria, Ain Shams, Tanta, El Zaqaziq, El Mansoura, El Menya and Sohag.
  • 8- Actively shared in all students’ activities from the date of my assignement to the faculty Banha, Zaqaziq University, in 27/08/1978, by presiding and forming student active groups.
  • 9- Assigned as an active member and a president of the exams control committee in the faculty, because of the importance of consciousness and commitment in these delicate and difficult tasks. Actually, I am assigned to revise the scores and the final results of the exams of one of the student classes
  • 10- Actively shared in symposia and cultural conferences organised by the faculty and some other faculties in Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria and Lebanon. I also was a member of the faculty journal where I published three essays.
  • 11- During the period when I was the chief of history department (2001-2004), I put new guidelines in coordination with the department council, sorrowfully not applied till now despite my great efforts to put them.
  • 12- Nominated as counsellor and referee of the journal of the faculty of Arts, Banha University (2008 till date).
  • 13- Assigned by El Mansoura faculty to examine and assess the scientific works and essays of Professor Doctor/ Wessam Abdel Aziz Farag, Professor of Middle Ages history. He presented this work to be nominated for the faculty prize of honour in 2009.
  • 14- Assigned by the faculty of Arts, Cairo University to examine and evaluate an essay entitles “ Alam El Deen Singer Al Shogaey and the conflict for the sultanate of Mamluks” , in order to be published in the faculty journal (June 2010).
  • 15- Assigned several times to assess many essays to publish them in the journal of the faculty of Arts, University of Banha, as well as University of Ganoub El Wadi.
  • 16- Assigned by the faculty of Arts, Damascus University to discuss the Doctorate theses presented by the post graduate student Lama Dokmak about “Byzantine money in Syria 313-643 A.D.”15th of February 2010.
  • 17- Assigned in 2009 and 2010 to teach to the post graduate students in preliminary Master classes and those of the centre of historic studies in the faculty of Arts, Cairo University.
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