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1 Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Some Bacterial Preparations In Controlling The Pink Boll Worm Naglaa Fikry Abd El-hameed -
2 Effect Of Gamma Radiation And Some Plant Extract On The Black Cutworm Agrotis Ipsilon (hufn)  T. M Sileem
3 Studies On Drywood Termites In Lower Egypt And Its Control Nagy Nashed Abdel Malak - -
4 Studies On The Sensitivity Of Certain Wheat Entries Agains Leaf And Stripe Rusts In Egypt Abd El-aziz Abd El-naser Mohamed Aly
5 Improvement Of Wheat Productivity By Using Some Biofertilizers And Antioxidants R. M. Y. Zewail -
6 Biological Studies On Neochetina Bruchi, Two Specific Weevils For Controlling Water Hayachinth Islam Rashed Marzouk El-zoghby - - - - - -
7 Studies On The Control Of Some Vegetable Nematode Pests Refaat Abdel-shafy Mohamed
8 Studies On The Persistence Of Some Pesticides On And In Some Vegetables Islam Moeman Nasr -
9 Studies On The Vegetative Propagation Of Some Nutires Sahar Ali Farid Mohamed
10 Studies On The Egg Parasites Belonging To Genus Trichogramma And Their Efficiency In Controlling The European Corn Borer Ostrinia Nubilalis(hub.) Nady Samy Slem
11 Effect Of Host Species And Kind Of Food On Two Trichogramma Spp Manal Abdel-mohsin Abdel-ghanyel- Sharkawey
12 Studies On The Toxicity Of Phosphine To Mites Associated With Grains And Stored Products Zaghloul Abdel-fatah Ibrahim Halawa
13 Studies On Soil Mites And Plant Parasitic Nematodes Safaa Mahmoud Mohamed Halawa
14 Contamination Of Agricultural Soil Residues Of Pesticides And Lateral Effects On Soil Animals Saad Mohammed Mohammed Ismail
15 Soil Pollution By Pesticide Residues And Their Side Effect On Crop Yied Zakaria Mohamed Seliem -
16 Ecological And Biological Studies On Some Species An Land Snails G. R. Yousif - - - - - -
17 Studies On Royal Jelly Production In Honey Bees-apis Mellifaral Sobhi Ibraheem Kassem Ahmed - - - - - -
18 Ecological And Biological Studies On Different Aphid Species Infesting Some Legume Plants In Egypt Shehab Ahmed Hossni - - - - - -
19 Studies On Propolis Production Naglaa El-ahmadi Ghazala
20 Studies On Predaceous Mites Mahy Mahmoud Abdel Mottaleb
21 Studies On Development Of Resistance To Some In Secticides In Potato Moth Phthorimaea Operculella Tayseer Abd El-kariem Ahmed Taha
22 Studies On Potato Tuber Moth, Phthorimaea Operculella (zeller) (gelechidae: Lepidoptera) And Its Control Maha Sabry Mohamed El-ghanam - - - - - -
23 Ecological & Biological Studies On Phthorimoea Operculella (zeller) Nadia Nageeb Iskander
24 Studies On Certain Biological Control Methods On Root-kont Nematode Infecting Some Vegetable Plants Hazem Mohamed Elewa -
25 Pathological Studies On Some Important Ornamental Flowering Plants In Egypt A. I. M. Ibraheim, - - - - - -
26 Survery & Studies On Parasites Attacking The Peach Aphid Myzus Persicae (sulz)in Egypt Adel Abdel-hameid Hafez
27 Chemical Control Of Aphids And The Effect On Natural Enemies Mohamed Ayman Karara -
28 Ecological Studies On Some Optimum Factors For Rearing The Pin; Borer Sesamia Cretica In The Laboratory Ahmed Hosny Ahmed El-said Hammad
29 Studies On Some Arthropodous Natyral Enemies Of The Pink Bollworm Pectinophora Gossypiella (saund.) Karem Abou-zeid Hassan Ali
30 Studies On The Role Of Some Natural Products On The Biology Physiology And Silk Secretion Of Silkworm Bombyx Mori Ghada Mohamed Abdel-monem Morssy
31 Using Some Plant Extracts And The Mixtures With Pesticides To Contral Cotton Pests Tahany Roshdy Abdel-zaher -
32 Studies On Certain Cowpea Pests Bassem Sabry Wahb?
33 Studies On Vegetable Pests Nabil Abdel Karim Al-ansl
34 Studies On Pesticide Residues In Some Agricultural Products Mahrous El-sayed Hassan Nasr
35 Studies On Pesticide Resides Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Azab
36 Studies On Venturia Spp. Affection Apple And Pear In A.r.f Refaat Mohamed Mohamed Mahdy -
37 Studies On Varro Aparaste And Its Relation With Chalkbrood Disease Atif Mostafa El-sayed El-hendy
38 Pathological Studies On Some Satborne Fungi Attacking Some Of Ornamental Trees In Egypte Ashraf Ezz El-din Ali Halawa - - - - - -
39 Effect Of Gamma Radiation On Onion Bulb Fly Emerus Amoenus Loew Mohamed Naguib Abd El-mottaleb El-orabi
40 Ecological Studies On Certain Onion Insect Pests Ahmed Ramadan Ibrahim - - - - - -
41 Efficiency Of Some Festicides Against ( Thrips Tabact Lind) Infesting Onion And Garlic Kariema Abd El-rahman El-lebodi - - - - - -
42 Pathogenic Nematodes As Biocontrol Agents Against The Mediterrenean Fruit-fly,ceratitis Capitiata(wied) Gehan Mohamed Nouh
43 Studies On Rots Of Zea Maize Kernels M. E. E. El-whaab Superviser By I. F. El-ddin, K. G. M. Ahmed. 
44 Pathological Studies On Grain Rot In Maize In The Field And During The Storage Tarek Abd El-moniem Abd Allah Mohamed Eisa
45 Soil Pollution By Pesticides Residues And Their Side Effect On Nodulation In Legume Crops Mohamed Shawky Hamed Henfney
46 Ecological Studies On Leaf Minoers Infesting Some Legume Plants P. A. Azzam - - - - - -
47 Physiological And Biochemical Effects Of Some Insictisides On Kenaf And Their Influence On The Yield Mohamed Osama Abdel-aziem El-shaarawi - -
48 Studies On Some Pollinators Of Fam Anthophoridae Abdel-hamid Ali Ibrahim Zannon -
49 Population Density Of Cotton Insects As Affected By The Density Of The Plants In Kalubia Region Sondos Abdel-tawab Mohamed Hussian -
50 Antifeedant Materials For Desert Locusts Schistocherca Gregata (forskal) In Plants Mohamed Tawfiek Mohammed
51 Studies On Residues Of Some Organophosphorus Insecticides On And In Some Vegetables Hassan Kassem Khalil - -
52 Efficiency And Performance Of Certain Formulations Botanical Pesticides Against Some Insect Pests Mohamed Radwan Mahmoud?
53 In Secticidal Activity Of Certain Biopesticides Amany Rashwan Ahmed
54 Bioactivity Of Certain Plant Extracts On Some Insect Pests Rehab Said Khayal?
55 Effect Of Some Agricul Tural Treatments On Certain Insect Pests Which Attack Corn In Egypt Ibrahim Abdel-hamied El-sappah
56 Studies On Effect Of Plant Extracts On Some Stored Insects Tarek Abd El-moaz Abd El-rahman - - - - - -
57 The Relationship Between Cropping Systems And The Population Density Of Major Insect Pests In Kaliobia Region As Assessed By Ultra Violet Light Trap Catch Adly Latif Sokar
58 Comprehensive Study Of Pollen Grains In Honeybee Colonies (apis Mellifera L.) Hosseny El-sayed Hosseny
59 Studies On Fungus Disease On Honeybees Ayman Mohamad Mohamed Abdel-fatah
60 Preliminary Studies On Honey Bee Queens Reda El-said Mohamed Omar El-hanafy
61 Studies On Artifical Feeding In Honeybee Colonis Mohamed Samir Mohamed Younis
62 Study On Incidence Of American And European Foulbrood Diseases At Honey Colonies And Its Relation With Varroa Wite M. E. Hashish
63 Toxicological And Biological Studies On The On The Effect Of Insecticides On The Mole- Cricket Gryllotalpa Spp Mohamed Mohamed Afifi El-assal - - -
64 The Effect Of Gama Irradiation On Some Corn Pests Samira El-sayed Mostafa El-naggar
65 Effect Of Gamma Irradiation On Storage Quality Of Polato Tubers Om Hashem Mohamed M Aboel-kheir
66 The Relationship Between Some Fungicides And Soil Microorganisms Especially Pathogenic Fungi Mohamed Salah El-deen Abd El-aziz Flefl - - - - - -
67 Studies On Some Mites Associated With Fruit Trees Alaa Mohammed Halawa -
68 Studies On The Host Preference And Chemical Control For The Purple Scale Insect Lepidosaphes Beckll (newman) On Citrus Trees In Qalyubia Hafez Abd El-rahman El-kady - - - - - -
69 Studies On Some Mite Species Infesting Some Fruit Trees Shraf Said Hagagy El-halawany
70 Studies On Some Mites Associated With Fruit Trees Alaa Mohamed Halawa - - - - - -
71 Biofertilization-and Micro-elements Spraying Efficiency On Growth And Yiled Of Lupine Plants Gamal Ahmed Esawy Badawy
72 Effect Of Some Agricultural Practices On Faba Bean Infestation With Certain Insect Pests Rasha Aly Abd-el Maksoud El-hosary -
73 Pest Management Agents In The Extracts Of Some Plants From Family Euphorbiaceae Ezzat Farag Awaad El-khayat - - - - - -
74 Studies On Pesticide Residues In Drinking Water Youssef Adly Ragheb
75 Survey Of Natural Enemies On The Cotton Aphid And Study On Some Of Them Mervat Abdel-samied Abdel-bar Kandil -
76 Effect Of Certain Antimoulting Compous Cotton Pests Essam Osman Khairy Tabouzada - - - - - -
77 Electrophysiological Studies On The Cotton Leaf Worm Spodoptera Lis B.  Ibrahiem Abd-alla Gabboub
78 Toxicological And Biochemical Studies On The Effect Of Some New Pesticides Against Cotton Leafworm Lobna Taha Mohamed Zidan
79 Comparative Studies On The Susceptibility Of The Cotton Leaf Worm Spodoptera Littoralts, (boids.) To Insecticides From Different Localities In Egypt Samia Ali Ahmed Abou-aref -
80 Comparative Physiological Studies On Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera Littoralis Amira Mohamed El-sayed El-shewy?
81 Using Methods To Substitute Insecticides For Controlling The Egypttian Cotton Leafworm In Qalubia Governorate Erian Shehata Mansour
82 Non-chemical Control Methods For Reducing The Losses Due To The Corn Stalk Borer, Sesamia Cretica Led Senouda Sayed Yacoub
83 Effect Of Different Artificial Infestation Levels By The Pik Borer; Sesamia Certica (led.) On Zea Mays Plants And Relation With Crop Yiled Alaa El-din Mohamed Ali Hosni - - - - - -
84 Efficacy Of Controlied Atmospheres Contain Concentrations Of Nitrogen And Carbon Dioxide Against The Larvae Of Khapra Beetle Trogoderma Granarium(everts)coleopteran:dermestidae  Hesham Mohamed Nurel-dien El-sayed
85 Ecological And Biological Studies On The Citrus Leaf Miner Phyllocnistis Citrella(stainton) And The Possibility Of Using Safe Methods In Its Control Essam Fouad Abdel-haleem
86 Micropagation Of Ctrus By Using Olive Culture Techniques Naglaa Fathy Abd-el-zaher El Hadidy - - - - - -
87 Residues Of Some Organophosphorus Insecticides And Their Impact Oncabbage Plants Lotfy Nathan Danial -
88 Studies On The Efficacy Of Some Plant Products As Protectants Aganst Pests Of Cabbage Crop Hesham Saleh Shaalan El-sayed
89 Insecticidal Activity Of Certain Biopesticides Amany Rashwan Ahmed?
90 Biological Control Of Insects With Insect Parasitic Nematodes Ahmed Mohamed Azazy Attia?supervisedbysaid S. Ahmed, Abdel-ghany M. Abdel Kawy,taysser A. El-kif.  -
91 Evaluation Of Some Biofertilizers For Bioremediation Of Pesticide Residues Contaminated Soil Rasha Mohamed Abdel- Rasoul El-saman?
92 Ecological Studies On The Whttefly, Bemisia Tabaci (genn) Infesting Some Vegetable Crops In Qalubia Governorate Salem Abd El-salam Hady Ahmed - - -
93 Studies On Bee Venom In Honey Bee Colony Khaled Abdel-mordy El-said Afefyel-ashhab
94 Studies On The Principal Insect Pests Attacking Common Bean In The Field Hassan Hassan Shalaby Shalaby -
95 Studies On Methods Of Controlling Postharvest Bean And Bea Diseases Fayez Ahmed Abd El-rahman
96 Evaluation Of Some Phaseolus Germplasm For Resistance To Two Dots Spider Mits Hussein Abd El-hamid Ahmed
97 Microbiological Studies On Antibiotic Production Taha Abdou Tewfik
98 Some Toxicological Studies On Certain Commonly Used Insecticides In Egypt On Rats Osama Habib Asad
99 Effect Of Phid Species And Its Host Plant On The Feeding Capacity Of Some Aphidivorous Insects Abd El-fattah Anwar Rizk Barakat - - - - - -
100 Studies On The Persistence Of Some Pyrethroids Under The Normal Field Conditions Monir Mohamed Mahmoud Almaz
101 Virological Studies On Some Potato Viruses Of Pepper In Egypt M.a Hafez
102 Use Of Intercorpping And Other Treatments For Controlling Faba Been Diseases Sahar A. Elsayed -
103 Trials For Mass Rearing And Release Of Some Predaceous Insects Fore Controlling The Pink And Spiny Boolworms Kamrim Abou–zeid Hassan Ali
104 Towards Sustainable Management Of The Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci In Egypt Hafez Abd El-rahman El-kady
105 The Relationship Between Plant Parasitic Nematodes Of Sugar Beet And Other Soil Fauna Ibrahim Mohamed Abdou Gohar
106 Taxonomical And Ecological Studies Of Wild Bees Of Subfamily Halictinae(order Hymenoptera,family Halictidae)in Egypt Mohamed Kamal Hassanahmed El-akkad
107 Studies On Unconventional Methodes For The Control Of The Dry Wood  Abdel-malek, N.n. - - - - - -
108 Studies On The White Fly Bemisia Tabaci (genn.) Infesting Certain Vegetable Crops In Kaluobia Governorate  Mahrous, R. A.
109 Studies On The Predaceous And Parasitic Insects On The Pink And Spiny Bollworm Mervat A. A. Kandil
110 Studies On The Natural Enemies Of Scale Insects Infecting Some Fruit Trees Gamal Abdel-nasser Morsi - - -
111 Studies On The Most Important Cucumber Pests In The Open Field And Suitable Control Programs A. R. I. Hanafy
112 Studies On The Environmental Toxicity Of Some Insecticides Among The Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera Littoralis(boisd) Hoda Aly El-saied Ghanema
113 Studies On The Family Colletidae (hym) In Egypt Abd E1-hameed Abd Ei-azeez E1-nakeh - - - - - -
114 Studies On The Environmental Toxicity Effects Of Certain Insecticides On Cassida Vittata (vill.) Ahmed Goudah Mohamed Youssef
115 Studies On The Effect Of Some Growth Regulators On The Eggs Of Some Insects  Ibrahim, I.a..
116 Studies On Some Secondary Products Of Honeybees Mohamed Osama Abdel-azem El-shaarawy
117 Studies On Some Mites And Their Relationship With Viral Diseases A. M. Halawa
118 Studies On Some Honey Bee Races In Egypt Reda El-said Mohamad Omar El-hanafy
119 Studies On Some Corn Borers Parasitoids George Helmy Ebaid
120 Studies On Rhizobial Inculation Of Some Legumes Using Seed Pelleting Method H.a. Anber
121 Studies On Powdery Mildew Disease On Tomatoes In Egypt Saber Habib Haroun - - - - - -
122 Studies On Plant Toeranceto Salinity M. A. M. Badr
123 Studies On Pod Rots Of Peanut Thanaa A. Marei
124 Studies On Persistence And Toxicity Of Two Organophosphorus Insecticides And Plant Extracts To Stored Product Insect M. E. Hassan
125 Studies On Pests Infesting Potato Crop And Their Control By Using Non-chemical Methods Refaat Hosny Gendy Kikhael - - - - - -
126 Studies On Parasites Of Spodoptera Hittoralis (boisd) In Egypt -
127 Studies On Management Of Resistance To Some Insecticides In The Pink Sohworm On Cotton In Egypt Aly Mokhtar Mohamed Matar
128 Studies On Maize Grains Deterioration Under Egyptian Conditions Mohamed Fathi Abou-el-ella
129 Studies On Insect Pests Attacking Leguminous Field Crops In Egypt Khairy Abdou Mowafy
130 Studies On Insect Control Materials From Plant Origin Mohamed Tawfiek Mohamed
131 Studies On Efficiency Of Some New Pest Control Measures Against Certain Pests Of Common Pean Hassan Hassan Shalaby Shalaby
132 Studies On Efficiency Of Some Fumigants Against Some Stored Product Insects Refaat Abd El-shafy Mohamed
133 Studies On Effectiveness Of Certain Methyl Bromide Alternatives Against Some Stored Products Insects In Qastight Bins Wesam Mohamed Kamal Eldin Ebrahim
134 Studies On Different Methods Of Communication In Insects Abd-ei-hameid Kilany Mahmoud
135 Studies On Development Of Resistance To Phosphine And Carbon Dioxide In Some Stored Products Pests Zaghloul Abd El-fattah Ibrahim Halawa - - - - - -
136 Studies On Development Of Resistance To Carbon Dioxide And Combination Of Phosphine Plus Carbon Dioxide In The Red Flour Beetle (tribolium Castaneum Herbst) Adel Mohamed Abd El-lattf - - - - - -
137 Studies On Certain Piercing-sucking Insects Infesting Some Vegetable Crops Moustafa Said Hashem Abd El-aty
138 Some Physiological Studies On The Methods Of Communication In Insects Abd El Messih Wahba Makkah
139 Some Modern Approaches For House Fly Control Ibrahim Amin Ibrahim Rizk
140 Seasonal Abundance And Control Of The Plumscaleinsect Purlatoria Oleae-colvee-on Some Deciduous Trees Abd El-moneiem Mohamed Mohamed
141 Response Of Plants To Some Types Of Unconvetion Alfertilizers A.m.alemam
142 Residues Of Some Pesticides On Some Monir Mohamed Mahmoud Almaz
143 Potentiation Of Bacillus Thuriniensis Effectivenss Against Soodoptera Littoralis Through Nontoxic Agents Farid Abdel-rahim Mohamed Harras - - - - - -
144 Possible Alternatives To Classical Insecticides In Management Program Of Spodoptera Littoralis (boisd.) Adly Latif Sokar - - - - - -
145 Physiological Studies On The Vegetative Reproduction Of Some Araceae Family Plants Amera A. A. Elnabarawy - - - - - -
146 Physiological Studies On Streliza Reginae Plant Mohamed Tarek Ahmed Dessouky - - - - - -
147 Physiological Studies On Some Phytoplankton A. A. Kamel - - - - - -
148 Physiological Studies Of Certain Insecticides On Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera Littoralis (boisd) Samir Mohammed Hashem
149 Physiological Response Of Sugar Beet Plant To Specific Growth Regulators And Some Elements Amal M. K. A. Soudi
150 Physiological And Pathological Studies On Vesicular Abrbscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Grown Under Lab Condition Kh.e.e.elsayed
151 Pesticide Residues In Cereal Grains And Their Products Amina Mohamed Khaled Abdul Rahman -
152 Phsiological Studies On Dormancy Of Apple Buds Moustafa, El-zankalouny
153 Pathological Studies On Wilt Disease Of Strawberry In Egypt A. S. Mansour
154 Pathological Studies On Cotton Seeds Used In Agriculture El-sayed Abdel Reheim Hassan - - - -
155 Pathological Studies On Fusarium Wilt Of Cucurbitaceae (watermelon) T. A. A. M. Essa
156 Pathological Studes On Cotton Seeds Used In Agriculture El-sayed Abdel-raheim Hassan
157 New Approaches For Controlling The Cotton Leafworm And Bollworms In Relation To Abundance Of Parasitoids And Predators Erian Shehata Mansour
158 Microbiological Studies On The Management Of Urban Wastes Mahmoud Helmy Mostafa Mahmoud - - - - - -
159 Microbiological Studies On Protein Production By Microorganisms Aboaly H. E
160 Microbiological Studies On Soil Pollution With Some Carbamate Pesticides Lobna Abd El-aziz Ahmed Moussa
161 Microbial Control Of The Cotton Leafworm By Bacteria And Its Preparation Naglaa Fikry Abd Ei-hameed
162 Mass Production And Release Of Trichogramma Spp To Control Pectiophoragosspiella-saunders And Earias In Sulana Manal Abd El-mohsen El-sharkawey
163 Interaction Of Different Control Methods In The Pest Management Of Scale Insects In Citrus Orchards In Qalyubia Gamal Saad Mohamed Ahmed
164 Integrated Pest Management Of Mediterranean Black Scale Insect Salssetia Oleae Homoptera Coccidae On Olive Trees Hoda Ahmed Mohamed Badary
165 Integrated Control Of Peanut Fruit Rot Disease And Their Side Effects On The Biological Activities In Soil A. M. K. Ahmed -
166 Integrated Managment For Controling Postharvest Rots Of Navel Orange M.z.m. Hamed
167 Induced Resistance For Controling Root Rot Disease Of Strawberry And Their Side Effects On Biological Activities In Soil Rady El-sayed Abdel –fattah Abdel Ghany -
168 In Vitro Studies For Production Of Potato Colonies Free From The Most Popular Viruses In Egypt Ali A. S
169 Growth Performance Of Black Cumin ( Nigella Sative L .)plants Using Certain Growth Canditiains A. Hyam Abdel-gawad
170 Further Studies On The White Fly Bemisia Tabaci (genn.) And Its Natural Enemies In Egypt Abd El-ghani Mahmoud El-saied
171 Factor Stimulating The Cotton Leafworm Outbreaks In The U.a.r And The Principles Of Its Prediction Roushdy Rizkalla Iss-hak - - - - - -
172 Evaluation Of Some Biopesticides As One Of The Integrated Pest Management Items Of The Pink Stem Borer Sesamia Cretica (led.) Amany Mahmoud Samy El-hefny
173 Environmental Studies Morphology Driller In Egypt Khalil Gharib Khalil El-maliki - - -
174 Entomological Studies On Phaseolus ( Mung Bean ) (vigena Radiata ) Salem Abd El-salam Hady Ahmed - - - - - -
175 Efficient Treatments Of Sewage Sludge To Produce Energy And Organic Fertilizer  Aly El-din Ahmed Amer
176 Effect Of Some Micronutrients On Some Economic Plants O. M. A. Nofal - - - - - -
177 Effect Of Some Chemical Elements On Mulberry Silworm, Bombyxmori L. Mahmoud Saad Ibrahim Saad
178 Effect Of Nutrition And Paclobutrazol (pgr) On Sugar Beet Yield And Quality Beta Vulgaris L A. M. H. Osman
179 Effect Of Certain Methylbromide Alternatives On The Time To Population Extinction For Stored Roduct Pests In Closed Storage Facilities Hesham Mohamed Nour Eldin Elsayed
180 Effect Of Biofertilizers Application On The Productivity Of Nigella Sativa Culivated In Desert Sandy Soils And Efficiency Of Produced Seeds Againest Some Pathogenic Microorganisms M. A. M. Elsayed
181 Ecophysiological Studies On Specific Plants Grown Under Sand Dunes Ecosystem Mariam R.m.gad
182 Ecological, Biological And Control Studies On Pests Infesting Date-bunches In The New Vally, U.a.r. Mohamed Ramadan Ahmed Saleh - - - - - -
183 Ecological Studies On Some Lepidopterous Insects Mahasen Abdel-fattah Ibrahim Halawa
184 Ecological Studies On The Pink Bollworm Pectinophora Gossypiella (saunders) And Its Natural Enemies Ali Ahmed Ahmed El-sayed
185 Ecological Studies On Boll Worms And Effect Of Some New Methods In Their Control Karima Abd El-rhman El-lebody
186 Ecological And Physiological Studies On Queen Rearing Of Some Honeybee Races :  Sobhi Ibraheem Kassem Ahmed
187 Ecological And Morphological Studies On The White Peach Scale Pseadulacaspis Pentagona (targioni-tozzetti)and Natural Enemies Fatma Abd El-halim Mahrum Mohammad
188 Determination Of Certain Chlorinated And Organophosphorus Pesticide Residues In Vegetables And Fruits ?abdel-aziz El-sayed Abdel-aziz Rafa
189 Control Of Honeybee Pests And Diseases Without The Use Of Chemicals And Using Of Natural Products Ayman Mohamed Mohamed Abd El- Fatah
190 Comparative Studies Between Insect Pathogenic Nematodes And Other 1ethods In Controlling Some Soil Insects And Fruit Tree Borers Ahmed Mohamed Azazy Attia
191 Botanical Studies On The Ontogeny Of Tomato Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill Plants Faten Hassaiv Mahmoud Ismaeil
192 Botanical Studies On Some Economic Plants Tolerating Salinity Wanas L. I. A
193 Biological Studies On Cotton Leafworm ( Spodoptera Littoralis ) And Evaluation The Efficacy Of Certain New Means For Its Control Rasha Ali Abd El- Maksoud El- Hosarym
194 Biological And Toxicological Studies On Some Rodents Beshay Rahzy Moussa -
195 Biological And Histological Studies In The Progeny Of Gamma Irradiated Cotton Leafworm, (spodoptera Semira El-sayed Mostafs El-naggar
196 Bioconversion Of Agricultural Residues To Biogas Products R. A. M. Zaghloul - - - - - -
197 Biochemical Studies On Cotton Leafworm Spodoptera Littoralis (boisd.) Ratiba Zaki Shaker
198 Assessment And Control Of Sesame Seed-borne Fungi In Egypt D. A. M. Elwakill
199 Anatomical And Biological Studies On The Queens And Drones Of Honeybee At Incidence Of Varroa Mites In Colonies Fatma Hussein Salih Seif
200 Advanced Studies To Use Plant Extracts Against Some Insect Pests Tahany Roshdy Abd El-zaher
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Total 200 156 147 156 159 160 162