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Prof. Mostafa Mousa Mohamed Rabah :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Crustal Deformation of Gulf of Suez Completed
GPS Leveling Completed
RTK Networks Completed
Study the effect of High Voltage on GPS signal Completed
Study the effect of Heave on computed dredged quantities Completed
Study the Geodetic Datums Frame of Egypt Completed
Multipath by Precise Point Positioning Completed
Integrating geodetic & Geophysical Techniques in Underground Survey Completed
Evaluating available DTM of Egypt Completed
Evaluating the use of PPP in Core Networks Completed
Study the impact of close range photogrammetry in terrestrial laser scanner In Progress
Enhancing Kinematic PPP by Ionospheric correction In Progress
Updating the HARN & NACN geodetic networks of Egypt to the most recent ITRF frame In Progress
Combining geodetic and engineering geophysical techniques for mapping underground utilities In Progress
Comparative study between Kinematic DGPS & Kin. PPP In Progress
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