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The contribution of some psychological skills in a game of volleyball
Authors: Mohamed Mohamed refaat Mohamed
Year: 2014
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The psychological aspect of the most important key requirements in a game of volleyball being eligible player for the performance aspects of physical movements and footwork and combinations collective tactical offensive and defensive high levels , and is characterized by a game of volleyball on the rest of the group games it depends on the capacity mental as much dependence on the physical aspects and skill through consensus systemic nervous system and muscle to the player to adapt to the different positions of the rapid , and in the case of the convergence of the physical and technical aspects between the two teams often win the team prepared psychologically in a better way , and sometimes may the best team win the team psychologically better than him in the aspects of physical and skill 0                                                                            (3 : 111 ) ( 6 145 ) ( 8 165 ) (12 : 1)        He adds all of Amer Jaber al-Saadi and Olhan Hamid Basma Naim Kaabi (2005) The psychological aspects play an important role in the game of volleyball , which is characterized by the multiplicity of skills and sequencing as well as the interdependence that makes the adoption of each skill that followed , which preceded and affect the level of accuracy for example, depends beating the overwhelming good on good preparation in the first place and good preparation depends on a good reception or defend pitch well in the first place , which increases the effectiveness of the psychological factor , and volleyball is one of the gaming activities emotional , which highlights the many competitive situations that may affect the psychological aspects , particularly as a result of the volleyball games should end with the victory of one of the two teams and there are no compromises in which , and this is what constitutes a psychological burden for each game and the parties to the private players

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