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An Integrated Design for a CNC Machine
Authors: A Shafik, S Haridy
Year: 2014
Keywords: CNC, design
Journal: Contemporary Advancements in Information Technology Development in Dynamic Environments
Volume: Not Available
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 254-265
Publisher: IGI Global
Local/International: International
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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a technology that converts coded instructions and numerical data into sequential actions that describe the motion of machine axes or the behavior of an end effector. Nowadays, CNC technology has been introduced to different stages of production, such as rapid prototyping, machining and finishing processes, testing, packaging, and warehousing. The main objective of this chapter is to introduce a methodology for design and implementation of a simple and low-cost educational CNC prototype. The machine consists of three independent axes driven by stepper motors through an open-loop control system. Output pulses from the parallel port of Personal Computer (PC) are used to drive the stepper motors after processing by an interface card. A flexible, responsive, and real-time Visual C# program is developed to control the motion of the machine axes. The integrated design proposed in this chapter can provide engineers and students in academic institutions with a simple foundation to efficiently build a CNC machine based on the available resources. Moreover, the proposed prototype can be used for educational purposes, demonstrations, and future research.

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