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Ass. Lect. Amro Abdelalim Shafik Mohamed Ibrahim :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2012
1-Examiner and evaluator for scientific competitions and contests in Benha University.
Scientific Activities of 2011
2-The founder and leader of the first science club in Benha University.
Scientific Activities of 2009
3-Arranging tours for mechanical engineering students students to production fair in land of fairs, Cairo, and to Toshiba Co.- Benha Branch, Benha.
Scientific Activities of 2008
4-Working in establishment and preparing the scientific experiments for the Dynamics and Vibration Lab in the Faculty of Engineering, Benha University.
5-The representative of Benha University in the 1st Robotics and Automation Contest for all Egyptian Universities.
Scientific Activities of 2007
6-Working in preparation of the new curriculum of the Mechanical engineering department (for Production and Mechatronics majors).
7-Administrating and planning yahoo groups for Mechanical engineering department students.
8-Arranging the first technological activity for 2nd year mechanical engineering student for designing and competence in Robots building.
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