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Synthesis of Some Azoles and Azines based based on quinoline -8-yloxy-acetohydraide
Authors: Abdelmetaal Abdelmged, Aly. A. Aly, M. S. Amine and Ahmed. A. Ghith
Year: 2015
Keywords: quinoline, 8-yloxy acetohydrazide, quinoline-8-yloxy methyl oxadiazole acetohydrazide, pyrazole thiazole, oxazole, triazole, pyridazine, phthalazine, isatine and antimicrobial activity.
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A new Azoles and Azines as pyrazole, thiazole, oxadiazole, triazole, pyridazine and phthalazine based on quinolone moiety efficiently synthesized via very simple and efficient chemical reactions of quinolone-8-yloxy acetohydrazide and quinolone-8-yloxy methyl oxadiazole acetohydrazide with electrophilic reagents in base medium using simple techniques and reagents. The structures of the new synthesized products were deduced based on their analytical, spectral data and by using the fragmentation pattern as a tool for supporting the chemical structure also, the biological activity of the synthesized compounds as antimicrobial and antifungal were screened

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