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Dr. Mostafa Abdallh Abdel-Maksoud Ali :: Publications:

تأثير التدريب التفاعلى على تنمية بعض القدرات البدنية والمهاريه لبراعم كرة القدم
Authors: مصطفى عبد الله عبد المقصود
Year: 2015
Keywords: القدرات البدنية والمهاريه ,لبراعم كرة القدم
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Became the progress of scientific and technological who live in this day and age a large and influential role in resolving the problems and the search for the easiest ways to deliver information and concepts for learners and trainees , and science training, sports one of the areas are looking at solving problems that correspond to the trainers and trainees of them ( the traditional methods in the commentary and information delivery and performance models trainees ), so try to use the modern tools of this era in the training process may help in the speed of information delivery and performance training modules and ensure interaction with it and make the training process closer to reality and more interesting and exciting. Research Problem Through the experiences of the researcher as a coach for the buds for many years and to now and through the observation of the difficulty of delivering information when I am teaching skills or even while performing the exercises, which are used in the development of skills , so researcher found that the use of a new method to help him in the speed in the delivery of information and interact with them through a set of Interactive videos on stereoscopic 3D format and within an interactive training program for an integrated set of skills Interactive training depends primarily on the transfer of the real environment in the training method to simulate the suspense and excitement , in the sense that the skills and drills on the field stereoscopic graphics system and equipped with technology ((3D fit the age group of trainees

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