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Total Sustainable Evaluation for Road Projects
Authors: Nourhan Sayed, Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, Karim M El-Dash
Year: 2021
Keywords: Infrastructure, roads, sustainability.
Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa
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Local/International: International
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Quality of Infrastructure became indispensable to the innovation-driven development. Poor infrastructure quality means more extra costs for operation and maintenance, in addition to un-studied impacts on the surrounding environment and society. To eliminate the bad impacts and the extra costs, sustainability must be applied in all infrastructure projects. Sustainability represents one of the latest degree subjects that have various trials to connect the social science with the engineering and the environmental science with the future technology. The objective of this research is to provide an integrated sustainable evaluation system (ISES) for quantifying all impacts of road projects. The proposed evaluation system took into consideration the different phases of project including construction phase and operational phase. The different impacts of road projects were divided into three main classifications; the project economic costs to include costs of project construction and operation; the environmental impacts; and the social impacts. Furthermore, a real case study was discussed to validate the research methodology, where it was concluded that the environmental and social impacts have the main impact on project decision and according to the ISES value, the case study road has a sustainable impact on the surrounding environment and society.

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