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التقييم الأيزوكينيتيكى لقوة عضلات الكتف للاعبى الجودو
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- 2 -  The introdu ction and the research problem: The most outstanding feature that distinguishes our modern age with the beginning of the third millennium is the continual competition among countries that aims at progress in various fields of life and the field of physical education and sports is one of the fields in which a lot of scientists and researchers carried out several researches and studies that aim at finding solutions to a lot of problems, so science witnesses remarkable development in different fields of sports. According to "marosa ali hassen" ( 1998 ), Achieving High athletic levels reflects the success of the training programs and offer a means of different methods are constantly working to pay the player to output maximum capacity, and strive sports training scientists in an attempt to reach the best ways in wh ich work on improving the performance of the player, as the performance is the focus and source of interest in the training process

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