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Prof. Ezzat Farag Awad El-Khayat :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
Entomological studies on phaseolus (Mung bean) (vigna radiata) Completed
Studies on the most import ant insect pests attacking Cucumbers in open field Completed
Potentiating of Bacillus thuringienthes effectiveness against Spodoptera littoralis through nontoxic agents Completed
Efficiency of some Alternative compounds in control cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis Completed
Studies on pests which found on Bean Cow pea plant Completed
Effect of Gamma radiation and parasitic Nematodes on the Black cut worm Completed
The use of traditional insecticide alternatives to control the cotton boll worms Completed
Studies on peach fruit fly Bactrocera zonata Egypt Completed
Ecological studies on some Lepidopteraous insects Completed
Advanced studies to use plant extracts against some insect pest Completed
Biological studies on cotton leaf worms and evaluation their effiancy of recent methods to control it Completed
Studies on the integrated control of Apple stem borers Completed
Mass production and release Trichogramma spp. To control pectinophora gossypiella and(Phthorimaea operculell Completed
Physiological studies on mulberrous and eri silkworm Bombyx mori L and Philosoma reicini Boisd In Progress
News approaches for controlling some species of phytophagous mites In Progress
Studies on some piercing sucking insects infesting certain field crops and their predators in sharkia Governoate In Progress
Effect of some insecticide sequences on the resistance of pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypeilla (saunder In Progress
Ecological studies on tomato leaf minor Tuta absoluta(mayrick)and its control In Progress
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