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Prof. Aref Adel Ahmed Elaraby Lashin

Academic Position: Professor

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Faculty: Science

Department: Geology


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Mobile: 0133237595

Scientific Name: Aref Lashin

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NATURE [2020-12-14]
Two Articles in Nature daughter Journals 1- Quantitative hydro-geophysical analysis of a complex structural karst aquifer in Eastern Saudi Arabia. Scientific Reports - February 2019 2-Geochemical and organic petrographic characteristics of high bituminous shales from Gurha mine in Rajasthan, NW India. Scientific Reports - December 2020more

Research Interests

Applied Geophysics, Geothermal Exploration, Enhanced Geothermal Systems & Hot Dray Rock, Petrophysics, Well Logging. Exploration of Petroleum and Natural Gas 1&2

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