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Dr. Alaa Salah Gouda Mohamed Salem

Academic Position: Lecturer

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Faculty: Science

Department: Chemistry


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Scientific Name: A.S.Gouda or Alaa S. Gouda

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Highly efficient Anthraquinones as Artificial DNA Quadruplexes and I-motifs Constructs [2015-11-08]
The above title Includes: 1-Synthesizing of DNA G-Quaduplexes,I-motifs folding structure as modified Oligonucleotides by usage of DNA-Synthetizer. 2- Purifications of such Oligomers under HPLC included IXC,or NAP column. 3- Measurements of thermal stablity(Tm), Circular Dichorism Spectroscopy, and Flourscence properties. 4- Molecular Modelling for logic illustration of promising results 5- Fibrinogen Clotting Assay for such modified aptamers in comparison with Thrombin Binding aptamer (TBA).more

Research Interests

(M.Sc) :Synthetic Heterocyclic Chemistry, Antimicrobal Activity, Industrial Chemistry. (Ph.D.) : Chemical Synthesis of DNA Quadruplexes. A New Strategy for Developing Drugs Against Cancer.

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