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Original Research Article Effect of nasal surgery on laryngeal mucosa
Authors: Yasser Mohammad Hassan Mandour*, Samer Badie, Mohammad Fahmy Shendy
Year: 2019
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Background: The aim of the study was to compare stroboscopic features of laryngeal mucosa before and after the nasal surgery. Methods: Prospective randomized case control study in which 60 patients divided into two groups each include 30 patients, group I with bilateral nasal obstruction due to deviated nasal septum with hypertrophic inferior turbinate, group II bilateral nasal obstruction due nasal polyposis undergoing septoplasty with turbinectomy group I and FESS in group II with video- stroboscopic examination before and 3 months after the surgery for each patient and 30 normal volunteers as a control group. Results: Swollen true vocal cord, laryngeal erythema and laryngeal edema were significantly decreased after the nasal surgery, As Swollen true vocal cord changed from 8 to one patient in group I and from 16 to 4 patients in group II, laryngeal erythema changed from 28 to 6 patients in group I and from 29 to 7 patients in group II and laryngeal edema changed from 28 to 5 patients in group I and from 29 to 8 patients in group II. Conclusions: The nasal surgery would have a significant impact on laryngeal edema, erythema and vocal cord edema.

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