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Permeability and Porosity Prediction from Wireline logs Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique
Authors: Wafaa El-Shahat and Alaa H. Ibrahim
Year: 2015
Keywords: Neuro-Fuzzy logic, Permeability and porosity
Journal: Ozean Journal of Applied Science
Volume: Vol. 3
Issue: Not Available
Pages: PP.157-175
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Wafaa El-Shahat Afify El-Shahat _OJAS_v3n1_14 paper.pdf
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Petroleum reservoir characterization is a process for quantitatively describing various reservoir properties in spatial variability using all the available field data. Porosity and permeability are the two fundamental reservoir properties which relate to the amount of fluid contained in a reservoir and its ability to flow. These properties have a significant impact on petroleum fields operations and reservoir management. In un-cored intervals and well of heterogeneous formation, porosity and permeability estimation from conventional well logs has a difficult and complex problem to solve by statistical methods. This paper suggests an intelligent technique using fuzzy logic and neural network to determine reservoir properties from well logs. Fuzzy curve analysis based on fuzzy logic is used for selecting the best related well logs with core porosity and permeability data. Neural network is used as a nonlinear regression method to develop transformation between the selected well logs and core measurements. The technique is demonstrated with an application to the well data in West July oil field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt for the Miocene Upper Rudeis reservoirs (Asal and Hawara formations). The results show that the technique can make more accurate and reliable reservoir properties estimation compared with conventional computing methods. This intelligent technique can be utilized as a powerful tool for reservoir properties estimation from well logs in oil and natural gas development projects

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