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Performance of straw bale wall: A case of study
Authors: T Ashour H Georg, W Wu
Year: 2011
Keywords: Straw bale house; Moisture content; pH; Thermal stability of bales; Temperature Relative humidity
Journal: Energy and Buildings
Volume: -
Issue: 43
Pages: 1960–1967
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Local/International: International
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This research aimed to evaluate a straw bale house located in Bavaria, Germany.Anextensive test program was carried out. The experimental work includes compression tests, moisture content, thermal stability of bales and pH. The in situ work includes temperature and relative humidity inside the straw bale wall. The stress–strain behavior of straw bales was investigated including nonlinearity and anisotropy. Thermal stability of bales under constant temperature and relative humidity was studied considering time dependence. The moisture content of straw bale was about 11%, while pH value inside the bale was about 7.29. Moreover, the temperature and the relative humidity between the interior (inside straw bale wall) and the exterior were investigated.

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