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“Straw-Renaissance of an old construction material”, Agricultural Engineering, 57(4):222-223. ()
Authors: Ashour, T.; Wielamd, H. and Bockisch, F.J.
Year: 2002
Keywords: straw bale buildings, straw, loadbearing, in-fill walls
Journal: Agricultural Engineering
Volume: 57
Issue: 4
Pages: 222-223
Local/International: International
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Investigations of HD straw bales so far indicate that they are suitable for using as building material. The results must be further gone into and added to. It is practical for further use to use bales with high density (130 to 150 kg/m3) because these offer multiple advantages such as better insulation and mechanical properties, improved heat insulation capacity and sound proofing. Following the determination of the properties a straw bale used in building construction must have, a suitable production can be developed, a sort of standard bale. Alongside these investigations others, looking further into the associated architecture and statics as well as straw type, should be followed to ensure optimal application of the straw bales. All these investigations can also help to achieve a general planning permission for building with straw bales

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