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Prof. Samy Ali Hussein Aziza

Academic Position: Dept. Head

Current Administrative Position: Professor of Biochemistry and Head of Biochemistry Dept.

Ex-Administrative Position:

Faculty: Veterinary Medicine

Department: Biochemistry


Alternative Email: Samyaziza@yahoo,com



Scientific Name: samy aziza

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Research Interests

• Biochemistry of Aging • Immunochemistry • Experimental tumor • Antioxidants and free radicals • Environmental biochemistry(Pollutions) • Hormones, Reproduction and Infertility • Avian Biochemistry • Diabetes mellitus, diabetic neuropathy, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. • Hyperlipidaemia , Atherosclerosis and hypertension. • Biochemistry of Cancer and its Treatment • Liver Diseases and hepatocarcinogenesis • Nephrotoxicity. • Ulcerative colitis and gastritis

selected publications

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