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Orthotrichum schimperi Hammar a New Record to Libya
Authors: S.G. Mohamed Youssef, S. Abd-El-Razik Khaled and R. Bohawish Hamad
Year: 2018
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Orthotrichum schimperi Hammar was recorded from Libya for the first time. The taxon is widely distributed through many different parts of the world. The distribution map, description, and illustrated of species are given. This study is to survey the genus Orthotrichum growing on trunks of some trees in Al-Jebel Al-Akhdar (Libya) throughout the Winter season (January-March, 2007) and May 2008 and collected it in order to revise the genus in Libya and other countries. About this species, seta was very short, capsule with immersed stomata and after drying having strongly 8 ribbed and calyptra oblong with smooth wall. The taxa moss flora of Libya after this record become 109.

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