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Prof. Saber Amin Dessouky :: Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1-- Establishing a lab for the Department of Geography Faculty of Arts, Benha and supplying it with survey tools cadastral, topographic maps, and aerial and space photos; and establishing a laboratory for the analysis of soil and sediment. The laboratory has also been supplied with some computers in preparation for the establishment of geographic information systems.
2-Setting up and scientific oversight of scientific trips for students of the Department of Geography to various and remote areas in the Egyptian territory.
3-The preparation of many of the seminars held at the Faculty of Arts in Banha, such as water security symposium, seminar of Toshka - the challenge and the future, and the symposium of the Nile and development in Egypt, and the Qalqashandi II - political parties experience in Egypt in a hundred years, and the symposium of the black cloud and its impact on the environment.
4-. Lecturing in some seminars for young people in Banha Information Center.
5-Scientific supervision on the sessions of the GIS technology club in the Faculty.
6-Director of the quality Management Unit in the faculty until 2007.
7-Vice Chairman of the Public Service Center for humanitarian Studies and environment development, Faculty of Arts
8-Member of Unit of population studies and research, emanating from the Center for Information and Research Service in the University which resulted in the preparation of a study of urban expansion on agricultural land in Qalubeia
9-Deputy Chairman of the editorial board of the Journal of the Faculty of Arts in Banha.
10-Vice Chairman of the Committee for the self-resources in the faculty
Scientific Activities of 2009
11-Establishing a video library for the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts, Banha containing videotapes showing geographic phenomena and forms in different regions to which the Dept. goes on scientific trips annually..
Scientific Activities of 2006
12-The supervisor of the Dept. of media, Faculty of Arts, Banha University in 2006.
Scientific Activities of 1993
13-Supervising the teaching of geographic courses in the Faculty of Education in Banha since 1993 up to date.
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