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تأثير تدريبات المقتربات الخططية التنافسية على بعض المتغيرات البدنية والمهارية للاعبي كرة اليد
Authors: Mohammad Abdallah Abdel-Mordy Mohammad
Year: 2019
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: مجلة علوم الرياضة- كلية التربية الرياضية– جامعة المنيا
Volume: - Volume 32 -
Issue: Part 13
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Not Available
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
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Handball is one of the team sports that has been positively affected by the development of sciences related to the sports field and the development of methods and methods of preparing its players physically, technically, psychologically and mentally, as the game has developed significantly from what it was previously and this development imposed many physical, skill and planning duties, and the convergence of these levels of physical, skill and planning. For players, it has led to the difficulty of performing some skills and duties during the match, which has prompted coaches, researchers, scholars and those interested in the affairs of the game to pay attention to research and theoretical and experimental studies and to search for various and variable methods in training that help to improve the level of performance and raise it to reach the higher levels of sports, and the training method is considered a schematic approach. It is one of the modern methods that rely on training basic skills and practicing them in situations similar to those of play, this method works to speed up the development, development and mastery of players' skills in situations similar to matches, and this is in addition to that we will see the development of the team’s performance during play more efficiently in terms of speed in decision-making. And choosing the appropriate skill and solving schematic playing problems, no T may appear during the game and learn the players how to choose the appropriate response to the situation, and the researcher used the experimental approach due to its relevance to the nature of the research by using the experimental design of one group and by using the (pre-post) measurement, on his sample of the 20 handball players of Benha Club under (18 years) and numbering 20 players. The most important results were that the proposed training program had shown a positive effect in improving the level of some physical and skill variables under investigation for handball players under (18 years).

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