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استراتيجية مقترحة للمنظومة الإعلامية لدى الإتحادات المصرية للرياضات المائية
Authors: محمد جودة قنديل
Year: 2018
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1 / 0 Research Introduction: There is no doubt that recently Egypt has seen a huge surge and remarkable development in many areas and the sports is one of the most important areas in which took as enough of interest in recent decades, Sports one of the most important pillars of any advanced country, It is no doubt that sports highlights the progress that reached by these countries, especially with the advent of the enormous development in information and communications technology that have contributed to raise the level of sports in the world, for that sports had branched to draw some associated science, that contribute to success and recover sports at all as media and communication sciences, so it became duty of every federations and institutions and sports bodies interest in exploiting and activate those Science in the success of the entity and its management system through the acquisition of features and benefits that are reflected Keep it the effect of using those methods and tools, but optimally, which builds firstly on the institution targets that seeks to achieve and secondly based on the reviews and wishes and directions of beneficiaries of these institutions. 2 / 0 Research Problem: Sports in Egypt is currently lives the brightest media era, where a lot of local and specialized satellite sports channel were founded and the sports programs occupied key place in daily and weekly programs in the other public and social channels. However, aquatic sports do not find the focus from media broadcasting which suitable to its base of participation all over the country and the variety of competitive, recreational, educational and therapeutic fields. Beside considered as an indispensable basis in the daily life of the individual, and the competitive, educational, therapeutic, health, physical, psychological and social in the lives of individuals and society as a whole benefits, so how to these sports, which includes nearly five federations and the intervention of basic sports in another federations not paying attention of the media in the follow-up of activities and tournaments as the other games that are have good informational area which is not as important as the spread of aquatic sports. This is in addition to the large number of visits and access from the researcher on the Web sites that belong to the international federations of aquatic sports and some federations of developed countries in those sports in terms of the level of achievement they have in the world and Olympic championships and the addition of each site and what it includes of information, strategies and axes that concerned by this sport within each country and how the attention of each specializes management on each site or media tools to show and broadcasting all the wishes of the elements of the sports as information, analysis and the results of the previous tournaments and competitions for them. And it was one of the most important recommendations of the Experts and the Committee of examine master research discussion of the researcher should be brought to the sports federations, especially aquatic sports to form a committee or a specialized department for the affairs of media and public relations for dealing with television channels even it public and private and are to : (dealing with radio and television programs contagious and provide them with information, call television channels and radio and newsletter to cover federation important events, consolidation of relations with media organizations for its important role in clarifying the vision and display achievements of this ) and to focus on the assessment of aspects of communication for the Egyptian swimming federation through (good website for the federation, newsletters, publish weekly or monthly newspaper, social media networking sites, special visible online channel ) and other media tools to increase the quality of the communication process between the federation and the community that surrounding it. All of that was the most important reasons that sparked the motivation of the researcher to evaluate the current media situation of the federations of the aquatic sports in Egypt, and applicate some surveys of the axes, which has shown interested in some of the Olympic federations of some countries and the international federations for aquatic sports in its media field, in an attempt to provide some plans and operational policies and procedures for evaluating communication and media systems through a proposed strategy for the media systematic of the Egyptian federations for aquatic sports in the different directions (visible - audible - readable - electronical) to enter what is modern and activating and evaluating what is actually exists. 3 / 0 Research Importance: 3 / 1 Scientific Importance: Its produce from being a bother to search in a very important and relative science to sports now, its media science and what the alleyway to other sciences are very important so that is one of the foundations of the success of any corporation or association and the other science comes outreach as the science of public relation, marketing and applications of the thought of total quality management, media is a science that deserves be placed under the spotlight recently. 3 / 2 Practical Importance: Produced from the value resulting from the application of the proposed media strategy which helps in: 3/2/1 Design a strategy for media systematic of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations, which, if applied will develop and tangible success will occur in meeting the needs and requirements of the participates and whose follow-up aquatics in all parts of Egypt. 3/2/2 The study when it finished will provide information and data on the latest media styles and tools relied upon by nearly 15 aquatic sports federations at the international level as a result of a researcher analysis of media systems for them to serve as a model for us when we proceed to build a similar system. 3/2/3 Study benefits will be by applying it to the Egyptian aquatic sports federations fast and straight forward, easily and accurately obtain statistics and data and results and the correct information for all competitions and activities which are based on the federations through several methods and means of modern and sophisticated media. 3/2/4 Study will manage model or a committee of media within each union has an organizational structure its responsibilities and functions as a strategic behavior of trying to achieve the vision and mission of the Union through the values and goals and objectives and means of informational desirable and methods like me in view of the content and methods of follow-up and evaluation. 3/2/5 Study will through the results of surveys of stakeholders, better media policies and procedures which will increase the spread of the popularity of aquatic sports and increase awareness, knowledge and information to the elements of the aquatic sports, which is the most important function of these unions. 4 / 0 Research Aim: The main objective of the search to build a strategy for media system of the Egyptian federations for aquatic sports to evaluate systems and means of communication and information, according to some scientific basis for some of modern international standards through a comparative study of systems and means of communication and information of the International Federation and some similar federations in the activity through several purposes: 4/1 Content analysis of media system have some advanced countries in terms of aquatic sports on the level of world and Olympic achievements. 4/2 Survey the stakeholders of the Egyptian federations for aquatic sports about its services to know more about their attitudes and desires and needs in addition to the information system outputs. 4/3 SWOT internal environment and the external environment analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with the Egyptian aquatic sports federations. 4/4 Setting axes and procedures for the proposed media systematic strategy in terms of vision, mission, values and goals, organizational structure, responsibilities and effective methods, content and methods of evaluation. 5 / 0 Research Questions: It’s the answer to the main question of the research, namely (What are the proposed strategy for media systematic for the Egyptian aquatic sports federations) and determined to answer other questions, namely: 5/1 What are the results of content analysis systems and the media have some advanced countries in terms of aquatic sports on the world and Olympic accomplishments? 5/2 What are the results of a poll about the opinion of the stakeholders of the Egyptian aquatic sports Federations Services to learn about their attitudes, desires and needs from the outputs of the federations media systematic? 5/3 What are the results of SWOT internal environment and the external environment analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with the Egyptian aquatic sports federations? 5/4 What are the axis and procedures for the proposed media systematic strategy in terms of vision, mission, values and goals, organizational structure, responsibilities and effective methods, content and methods of evaluation? 6 / 0 Research Procedures: 6 / 1 Research Methodology: The researcher in conducting studies on the descriptive approach (analytical - deductive) because of the suitability of this two types of curricula with the public media researches because of their ability to describe and analyze the phenomenon and show the problem and proposals to solve it. 6 / 2 Research community and sample: 6/2/1 Research community: 6/2/1/1 for the analytical study: It includes the research community to analytical study are : 6/2/1/1/1 Egyptian aquatic sports federations. 6/2/1/1/2 Some international and some countries aquatic sports federations. 6/2/1/2 for the field study: It includes the research community and field of study are: 6/2/1/2/1 Chairman and executive manager and the federation members Board of Directors and staff and technical commissions. 6/2/1/2/2 Parents, swimmers, professional, managers, referees, coaches and administrators. 6/2/1/2/3 Experts of Aquatic sports, sports management and sports media. 6/2/2 Research sample: 6/2/2/1 The analytical study: In view of all media tools for all international and other countries aquatic sports, the researcher found complete unanimity among them that its references and links in their sites refer to all methods used by each federation of them, so the researcher analyzes the content of each Egyptian aquatic sports federations and some federations of other countries, both on data and information and the most important themes developed by those federations to be key links on their sites, the researcher started to identify the differences between our and their systematics in terms of the type of used tools and the shape and style of the displayed content. 6/2/2/1/1 the researcher choose the international and countries federations according to the conditions assumed by him, namely: 6/2/2/1/1/1 To be federations of aquatic sports even the International Federation of Sport or a federation of any country. 6/2/2/1/1/2 In the case of a federation of any country is required to have achievements on the World and Olympic level. 6/2/2/1/1/3 For Egyptian, countries and the international federations that have been analyzed are: 6/2/2/1/1/3/1 Egyptian Swimming Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/2 Egyptian diving and lifesaving Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/3 Egyptian rowing Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/4 Egyptian Canoe and Kayak Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/5 International Swimming Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/6 International lifesaving Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/7 International rowing Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/8 International Canoe and Kayak Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/9 US Swimming Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/10 Australian Swimming Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/11 British Swimming Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/12 Australian rescue Association. 6/2/2/1/1/3/13 American rowing Federation. 6/2/2/1/1/3/14 British Canoe and Kayak Federation. 6/2/2/2 The field study: The research was applicated on (193) Single of the stakeholders of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations’ services and have been chosen by order in terms of (categories) and random in terms of (individuals) for the reconnaissance sample (30) and for the basic sample (163), the researcher has deliberately select the sample to include all the elements of aquatic sports, namely, (experts, referees, administrators, coaches, players, parents) so sample can represented all the elements of the research community well represented and so are the strategic design and according to the opinions of its members as most foreign strategic studies that confirmed the need for the participation of All elements in the preparation of strategies for associations so that there will be a coming together and cooperate in order to implement and achieve its goals. 6 / 3 Tools and means of collecting data: 6/3/1 brain storming sessions. 6/3/2 international information network (Internet). 6/3/3 personal interviews. 6/3/4 notes. 6/3/5 examine documents and documents. 6/3/6 study of reality (content analysis). 6/3/7 questionnaires: The researcher using (3) forms through the research and the details are as follows: 6/3/7/1 secondary questionnaire to the internal and external environment. 6/3/7/2 secondary questionnaire to solicit the views of stakeholders form. 6/3/7/3 SWOT form environmental analysis for the Egyptian aquatic sports federations. 6/3/7/4 The core form of the proposed strategy for the media systematic. 6 / 4 Statistical Treatments : The researcher used the statistical software package for Social Sciences (SPSS), which includes: 6/4/1 SMA. 6/4/2 standard deviation. 6/4/3 percentage. 6/4/4 relative importance. 6/5/5 weighting. 6/4/6 correlation coefficient. 6/5/7 Test "Ka 2. 7 / 0 Conclusions : 7/1 General Conductions 7/1/1 Conclusions about the results form "environmental analysis" of media systematic with the Egyptian aquatic sports federation: 7/1/1/1There are vision and mission of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations but unofficially and not reflect well on the role of the federations in spreading their sports, and there is no involvement of the stakeholders in the formulation. 7/1/1/2 Federations adhere to certain values, the ruling represents a basic point of departure for the dissemination of the values of excellence in the performance of media activities, it believes to concerted efforts of all stakeholders in order to achieve the value of teamwork. 7/1/1/3 There are strategic goals for the unions but not declared and not based on the findings of the environmental analysis for them and therefore not intended to achieve the vision and mission for them, and there is no strategy for information activities goals. 7/1/2 Conclusions about the analysis of the content of the media systematic of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations (the current situation): 7/1/2/1 No plans or media strategy unannounced and clear frameworks and there is no specialized committees to manage the affairs of media and public relations. 7/1/2/2 Some unions have goals and vision, but not within the strategic framework of the institution as a whole and some unions have official Committee to Information, but without effective performance of their responsibilities. 7/1/2/3 some unions used the websites as a major media website for them and there are other federations used facebook as a tool but ineffective. 7/1/3 conclusions out the content analysis of the media systematic of international and some other countries federations (as a model to us): 7/1/3/1 All federations have full strategic frameworks during period of time declared to the institution as a whole and a department or committee for Media with full administrative and functional organization and a strategy full of different variables and methods. 7/1/3/2 All federations relied on all media tools (visual, audible, readable, Internet) and its electronic website and more than one of social networking sites with links on the official site for them. 7/1/3/3 All federations have responsible for the media committee and they are doing their jobs perfectly and there is a constant update of the media tools and continuous follow-up of each tool individually to increase their effectiveness. 7/1/4 conclusions about the views of stakeholders about the current and the proposed media systematic for the Egyptian aquatic sports federations: 7/1/4/1 most of stakeholders aware of the means for media systematic of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations and most stakeholders declare a negative opinion and not satisfied in the evaluation of the media systematic for that federations. 7/1/4/2 lack of diversity in the media (visible, readable, audible, oral, Internet) One of the most important reasons for the reluctance of stakeholders to follow-up there and the lack of diversity in media content (news, investigations, interviews, tournaments, training) it is also the most important reasons for the reluctance of stakeholders to follow-up. 7/1/4/3 stakeholders abuse the lack of clarity of the news presented through those tools in addition to the lack of response to reply about their questions and abuse from the content of the media message of the stakeholders so that it is displayed without verifying the need of the stakeholders of these kinds of messages. 7/1/4/4 Stakeholders abuse about the media that it is not enough to achieve their desires in terms of information or news, both in the tools quality or method of displaying the content and rely only on the Facebook page but does not bother to update the news on its website and those sites are often Off or under construction. 8 / 0 Recommendations: 8/1 researcher recommends the implementation of the proposed strategy for media systematic of the Egyptian aquatic sports federations (research project). 8/2 General recommendations: 8/2/1 The ministry of youth and sports should in mind to organize culture campaigns about history, importance and benefits of a few public sports such as aquatic sports and co-ordination with the sports channels to adopt each channel for some games to promoting and increase their popularity through a follow-up to their tournaments and achievements. 8/2/2 The federations Should form a committee of media and public relations are to (deal with radio and television programs contagious and providing them with information, call the channels and sports programs to cover important events, consolidation of relations with media organizations for its role in clarifying the vision and display their achievements). 8/2/3 further studies to identify the various media obstacles, methods and ways to attract them to cover the activities and tournaments and aqua sports activities and the other Sports and the need to create a special section for sports media at faculties of Physical Education and the establishment of the Department of sports Sciences at faculties of communication and mass media. 8/3 matrix private environmental analysis SWOT recommendations: 8/3/1 Strengths: 8/3/1/1 Our players classified at the level of the World and Olympic competition. 8/3/1/2 There are electronic sites for Egyptian aquatic sports federations. 8/3/1/3 The expansion in the construction of sports facilities for aquatic sports. 8/3/1/4 The Increase of proportion of practitioners, viewers and fans of aquatic sports. 8/3/1/5 Held in Egypt some continental and world championships for aquatic sports. 8/3/1/6 There a boom in using and the spreading of social media for all ages. 8/3/2 Weaknesses: 8/3/2/1 Non-completion of the structure as a whole of the aquatic sports federations. 8/3/2/2 lack of declared strategic frameworks for the aquatic sports federations. 8/3/2/3 No departments or committees specializing in media affairs and public relations. 8/3/2/4 lack of sponsors for the aquatic sports federations as sports is not popular. 8/3/2/5 Financing regulations in the federations obstacle media practices. 8/3/2/6 The media depends on the efforts of volunteer staff within the federations. 8/3/3 Opportunities: 8/3/3/1 Host some international players during international tournaments held in Egypt. 8/3/3/2 Some sponsors have the desire to negotiate with the aquatic sports federations. 8/3/3/3 State want to change sports law and what it obstacle media practices. 8/3/3/4 It is no fees to create your own social networking sites accounts. 8/3/3/5 Increasing of the number who practicing aquatic sports more than many sports. 8/3/3/6 Aquatic sports champions wins world championships and Olympics during the last period. 8/3/4 Threats: 8/3/4/1 No serious desire from federations to change format and style of management. 8/3/4/2 Lack of financial resources allow to employ Information Officers. 8/3/4/3 Adoption of most modern media on the Internet, which very slow in Egypt. 8/3/4/4 Tournaments audience depends on parents which affects income weakness. 8/3/4/5 Bad equipped of federations buildings in terms of lack space and equipments. 8/3/4/6 Bad exploit of aquatic sports champions to increase sponsors and spread

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