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Analytical analysis of Light-weight Concrete slabs under punching Load
Authors: Maher A. Adam, Mohamed Said, Alaa E. Arafa , Ahmed M. Abdelsattar
Year: 2020
Keywords: Concrete Columns, ECC, PVA fiber, Fire, Concentric compression, axially loaded.
Journal: Al-Azhar University Civil Engineering Research Magazine
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Analytical parametric study to investigate the influence of Light-Weight Concert strength, the arrangement, type, yield strength and amount of shear reinforcement steel, tensional and compressive reinforcement steel ratios and the use of steel fiber as shear reinforcement in punching shear behavior of Light-Weight Concrete flat slabs was established. Twenty five flat slab specimens investigated analytically with concrete strength 25 MPa. ANSYS 10.0 software package was used for non-linear analysis. The parameters were tensile steel, compressive steel, shear reinforcement and steel fibers. The maximum enhancement in the punching capacity was 81.0% for steel fiber ratios of 2.0%.

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