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Reuse of greywater
Authors: Hanan A. Fouad, Rehab M. Elhefny, Hanna F. Habeb
Year: 2017
Keywords: Greywater Treatment, Recycling, Alum, Chlorine Dose
Volume: 13
Issue: January; 13(1)
Pages: 1-9
Publisher: AENSI Publication
Local/International: International
Paper Link:
Full paper Hanan Ahmed Fouad Kamel_Reuse of greywater.pdf
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Greywater is the wastewater resulted in houses through the use of water for laundry and bathroom. This research aims to treat and reuse greywater for agriculture, toilet flushing, and street washing. The treatment system consists of collection tank followed by sedimentation unit and three consecutive filters consisting of different materials such as (gravel, plastic balls, crushed stones, and gravel sand). A dose of chlorine and alum were added to the best sample and tested. (pH, BOD, COD,DO, total suspended solids, and alkalinity) were measured. Samples were tested at three different rates. Results have shown that sand and gravel is the best filter media among the used materials, the best flow rate was 0.0226 l/sec.

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