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Urban Regeneration of “ Soor Magra AL Oyoon ” district
Authors: Refaat D. Zaki M. El-Mellegy A. Gaber R. El-Sayed G. Ayman Abdel Hamid Amin
Year: 2023
Keywords: Magra Al Oyoon; urban regeneration; infill projects; commercial heritage sites
Journal: International Journal on: Proceedings of Science and Technology
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Publisher: Print ISSN:2537-0731 Online ISSN:2537074X
Local/International: International
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Egypt is considered one of the most historically rich countries around the world, not only for its famous ancient Egyptian monuments but also for its rich Coptic and Islamic heritage sites. Among which is the medieval Mamluk aqueduct of Sultan AL-Nasser Mohammad ibn Qalawoon known as " SoorMagra AL Oyoon". However, despite its ionic location and great historic value, SoorMagra AL Oyoon district has been severely neglected and affected by the great population growth and urban sprawl leaving it urbanely deteriorated, poorly designed, and aching with slums, pollution, and destructive land uses. The research aims to propose a revitalization and urban development strategy for Soor Magra AL Oyoon district through a number of urban interventions including the removal of slums and inappropriate land uses, reallocating suitable land uses, redesigning streets, pedestrian and bike lanes, green areas, and public spaces that respect the context and urban fabric of such a valuable heritage site. The proposed project is mainly a commercial promenade combining urban, social, economic, and touristic activities. The research follows an analytical methodology through which the basic urban design theories and standards of infill projects in heritage sites would be reviewed, as well as undergoing a comparative analysis of successful commercial promenades infill projects in different heritage sites around the world. Moreover, the research would offer an urban assessment of the current urban state of SoorMagra AL Oyoon through cooperating with various governmental entities for acquiring statistical data, maps, and information, as well as a series of field studies to cover all design criteria. The proposed project aims to integrate a number of different functions including commercial, touristic, and community services through a comprehensive urban design project that acts as a catalyst regenerating project not only in the urban aspect but also socially and economically.

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