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On dynamical net-charge fluctuations within a hadron resonance gas approach
Authors: Abdel Nasser Tawfik, LI Abou-Salem, Asmaa G Shalaby, M Hanafy
Year: 2016
Keywords: Thermal models of nuclear reactions, fluctuation phenomena and valence fluctuations, production of quark-gluon plasma, hadron-induced high-energy reactions
Journal: Advances in High Energy Physics
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The dynamical net-charge fluctuations (νdyn) in different particle ratios K/π, K/p, and p/π are calculated from the hadron resonance gas (HRG) model and compared with STAR central Au+Au collisions at sNN−−−−√=7.7−200 GeV and NA49 central Pb+Pb collisions at sNN−−−−√=6.3−17.3 GeV. The three charged-particle ratios (K/π, K/p, and p/π) are determined as total and average of opposite and average of same charges. We find an excellent agreement between the HRG calculations and the experimental measurements, especially from STAR beam energy scan (BES) program, while the strange particles in the NA49 experiment at lower Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) energies are not reproduced by the HRG approach. We conclude that the utilized HRG version seems to take into consideration various types of correlations including strong interactions through the heavy resonances and their decays especially at BES energies.

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