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QCD Thermodynamics and Magnetization in Non-Zero Magnetic Field
Authors: Abdel Nasser TAWFIK, Abdel Magied DIAB, and Nada Ezzelarab, Asmaa G. Shalaby
Year: 2016
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Journal: to appear in advances in high energy physics
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In non-zero magnetic field, the magnetic properties and thermodynamics of the quantumchromodynamic (QCD) matter is studied in the hadron resonance gas and the Polyakov linear-sigma models and compared with recent lattice calculations. Both models are fairly suited to describe the degrees of freedom in the hadronic phase. The partonic ones are only accessible by the second one. It is found that the QCD matter has paramagnetic properties, which monotonically depend on the temperature and are not affected by the phase transition. Furthermore, raising the magnetic field strength increases the thermodynamic quantities, especially in the hadronic phase but reduces the critical temperature, i.e. inverse magnetic catalysis.

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