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International journal of computer applications
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High performance simplex solver
Topological indices of the line graph of subdivision
Some Computational Results on MPI Parallel Implementation
Book1: Computational Methods of Linear Algebra, Second Edition : Author(s): Granville Sewell
Harvard University (Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3800, United States of America)
Stanford University ( USA - 450 Serra Mall )
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ( USA - 77 Massachusetts Avenue )
University of California-Berkeley
University of Cambridge ( The Old Schools, Trinity Lane )
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ( Greece - 30, PANEPISTIMIOU STR )
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece -UNIVERSITY CAMPUS )
Macedonia University (Greece - Thessaloniki )
Book1: Introduvtion to Parallel Computing
Book1: Parallel Computing Laboratory
Book1:Parallel Programming with MatlabMPI
Book1: Parallel Programming Laboratory
Book1: Parallel Programming (Cluster Computing)
Book1: Parallel Simplex Algorithm
Book1: Parallel Computing " Cairo University
Book1: Publication of Parallel Computing Laboratory
Book1: Parallel Computing Stanford Engineering
Book1: Parallel Systems
Book1: Programming Parallel Algorithms
Book1: Introduction to Parallel Computing
Book1: Applications of Parallel Computers
Book1: Distributed Systems
Book1: Distrebuted _System_Andrew
Book1: Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO
Book1: High Performance Computing Training
Book1: High-performance Linux clustering
Book1: High performance Linux clustering
Book1: Some notes on how to build a Linux cluster
Book1: Some notes on how to build a Linux cluster
Book1: Most Downloaded Parallel Computing Articles
Book1: Applications of Parallel Computing
Book2: Information System on Graph Classes and their Inclusions
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