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Lupus Nephritis
Authors: El metwallyElshahawyM.D.,Mohammed SalemM.D.,SamehBahgatM.D.,AshrafTalaatM.D. and Rehab Salah NasrM.S.C.
Year: 2015
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Abstract: Lupus nephritis is a common and severe manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus, and an important cause of both acute kidney injury and end-stage renal disease. Despite its aggressive course, lupus nephritis is amenable to treatment in the majority of patients. The paradigm of immunosuppressive treatment for lupus nephritis has evolved over the past few decades from corticosteroids alone to corticosteroids combined with cyclophosphamide. Sequential treatment regimens using various agents have been formulated for induction and long-term maintenance therapy, and mycophenolatemofetil has emerged as a standard of care option for both induction and maintenance immunosuppressive treatment. The current era has witnessed the emergence of multiple novel therapeutic options, such as calcineurin inhibitors and biologic agents that target key pathogenetic mechanisms of lupus nephritis. Clinical outcomes have improved in parallel with these therapeutic advances. This Review discusses the epidemiology, genetics, assessment of disease activity and damage, and pregnancy related and quality of life issues , the evidence in support of current standard of care, immunosuppressive treatments and emerging therapies, and describes their roles and relative merits in the management of patients with lupus nephritis. [El metwallyElshahawy ,Mohammed Salem ,SamehBahgat , Ashraf Talaat and Rehab Salah Nasr. Lupus Nephritis] Nat Sci2015;13(x):-]. (ISSN: 1545-0740).

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