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Dr. Amany Mohamed Emam

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Faculty: Science

Department: Botany


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Effect of Ozonation on some Mycotoxins and Fungi Associated in Stored Grain from Qalubyia Governorate [2017-06-21]
This study assessed the efficacy of the ozonation on total fungal colonies (TFC) associated in grains samples at 30 and 60 ppm with exposure time 10 and 20 min. also impact of ozonation on reduction of aflatoxins (AFs) and ochratoxin A (OTA) in spiked grain samples with 10 (μg/kg). Results showed that the infection percent of TFC decreased after ozonation at 30 ppm for 20 min to 87.5%, 66.6%,.85.7% and 100% in case of white corn ,yellow corn , wheat and rice samples, respectively. While the infection percent decreased to 100% after ozonation at 60ppm for both exposure time 10 and 20min. also the results reflected that the percentages of reduction of AFG1, AFB1, AFG2 and AFB2 were 81.7, 78.5, 83.8 and 74.8% with white corn. While in yellow corn samples were 74.4, 80.8, 80.2 and 79.5%, respectively. Whereas rice samples the percentages of reduction were 87.5, 84.2, 82.5 and 86%, addition the results showed the percentage of reduction of OTA after ozonation at 60 for 10 and 20 min with white corn ,yellow corn , wheat and rice. after ozonation for 10min the reduction percentage of OTA into artificially contaminated white corn, yellow corn, wheat and rice were 54.8, 62, 73.4 and 75.6, respectively. After exposure time for 20 min the reduction percentage of OTA was73.8, 82, 86.5 and 87.2% with white corn, yellow corn, wheat and ric download attachment

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