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Dr. Usama Mohamed Nour Eldemerdash

Academic Position: Lecturer

Current Administrative Position:

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Faculty: Engineering, Benha

Department: Basic Sciences

Edu-Mail: usama.nour@bhit.bu.edu.eg

Website: http://www.bu.edu.eg/staff/usama.nour


Scientific Name: Usama Eldemerdash

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New paper got accepted in high impact journal [2016-09-21]
My new paper got accepted today in the journal of chemical engineering research and design -- CHERD-D-16-00496R2 - "Assessment of new and improved solvent for pre-elimination of BTEX emissions in glycol dehydration processes"more

Research Interests

1. Alternative fuel, Gasification of Coal, Petcoke and Biomass. 2. Gaseous fuel process, Storage, Liquefaction, Carbon dioxide capture and Sequestration. 3. Industrial waste water treatment using, Coagulation, Adsorption and Ion Exchange.

selected publications

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