Statement of Prof. Atef Nemr Khalifa Aly:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): عاطف نمر خليفة
Faculty: Physical Education
Department: Educational Sciences and Psychological and Social in Physical Education
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Psychological
Minor Speciality: Professor of Sports psychology
Current position: Prof. Emeritus
Office address: Fareed_Nada_Street_benha_Egypt
Work phone: 0133237399
Fax: 0133227399

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To
Teaching assistant Faculty of Physical Education Egypt 1981-1-1 1984
Director Zamalek club Egypt 1984-1-1 1970-01-01
Assistant Lecture Faculty of Physical Education Egypt 1986-1-1 1991
Lecture Faculty of Physical Education Egypt 1991-1-1 2005
Vice – Dean Faculty of Physical Education Egypt 2005-1-1 2009
Director Zamalek club Egypt 2008-1-1 1970-01-01
Dean Faculty of Physical Education Egypt 2009-1-1 1970-01-01

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
Faculty of Physical Education PhD 1991
Faculty of Physical Education MSc 1986
Faculty of Physical Education BSc 1981

Memberships and Awards details:

Organization name Membership/Award

Committees details:

Committee Year
A member in the committee of environment and society service affairs 1997 1997
A member in the committee of laboratories and scientific devices 1996. 1996
Participating in activities of Public yearly Conference for upgrading Boxing held in the Faculty of 1993
] A member in the committee of libraries 1993 1993
Selected as a member of Giza administration board for Boxing and head of Media committee in it 1993 1993
A member in the committee of students education affairs 1992 1992
[8] Working as a referee of handball in Cairo, Giza and Sharkia since 1984. 1984
Currently, a member in all scientific committees in the Faculty of Physical Education – Benha Univer 0

Scientific Activities:

Scientific Activities of 2013
1-Obtaining Acknowledgment certificates from different authorities and establishments he cooperated and worked with them.
2-Participating in working on the Project of earlier discovery for addiction cases among Universities Students and methods of protection and treatment
Scientific Activities of 2009
3-Organizing the festival of "Egyptian Sporting Day "- Benha University
Scientific Activities of 2008
4-Organizing a "Meeting in love of Allah and His Messenger" for competitions of Egyptian Universities delegations in Benha University.
5-Organizing Panorama of October Victory – Benha University (October Victory Festival) Kalubia governorate
6-Director of sporting activity of Zamalek club from.
Scientific Activities of 2007
7-Organizing the festival of "Good" (orphan children and orphanages) - Benha University.
8-Participating in ceremonies of opening 11th Arab Sporting tournament Egypt
Scientific Activities of 2005
9-Participating in designing and publishing a Leaflet of belonging, loyalty and granting of Benha University achievements
10-Participating in activities of General Scientific Conference for studying the open development of General Secondary system organized by General Union for Teachers – 1- 2 March
11-Participating and carrying out all sporting, cultural and religious festivals , celebrations and championships organized by Benha University
12-Sports Consultant of Benha University
13-General Secretary of Sports Federation of Benha University.
14-General Coordinator of students activities in Benha University
Scientific Activities of 1997
15-General Director of Education Branch in Administration Board for Sporting Professions Union – Giza Governorate
Scientific Activities of 1984
16-Director Deputy of spotting activity of Zamalek club from