Statement of Dr. Reda MahsouP El-Naby Mohamed Baioumy Khalil:

Personal Informations:

Name(Ar): رضا محسوب النبى محمد بيومى خليل
Faculty: Science
Department: Physics
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Solid State and Devices
Minor Speciality: Semiconductors and Material Science
Current position: Asst. Professor
Office address: Faculty_of_Science_Benha
Work phone: 0133225494
Alt. e-mail:

Academic Positions:

Position Organization Country From To

Workshops / Conferences:

Workshop / Conference Year
1st Workshop, "on applications of physics in life and industry" (APLI) 2014
‎"3rd International Advances in Applied Physics & Materials Science Congress" on April 24 – ‎‎28, 2013 in Antalya, Turkey 2013
XIth GADST Conference Giens (France), 25-30, September 2005 2005
"10th International Conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors "Chernogolovka, Russia, 11-17 September 2004. 2004
Early stages of iron precipitation in silicon ” in ASIS workshop project 2001

Educational details:

Institution Degree Year
4th Semiconductor Institute, Faculty of Science, George-August Uni., Gottingen, Germany PhD 2004
physics department, Benha University, Egypt BSc 1996
physics department, Benha University, Egypt BSc 1990

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