Faculty of Science: Department of Zoology

Experience In This Department: 36

Nassr-Allah H. Abdel-Hameid
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2 Research experiences: srudying the response of fish to various stimuli, aquaculture experiments, electrophoretic techniques, testing the biochemical and haematological parameters, reproductive physiology of fish, toxicity assessment.
Aziza Abd El-Samad Mohamad Sayd Ahmed El-Shafey
Magda Mohamed El-Ezabi
Mohammed Elhady Metwally
Mohammed Elsayed Mohammed Zowail
Mohammed Nour ElDin Abdallah Seddek
Moshera Mohamed Ezzat Seleim
Rajaa Mostafa El-Belashy
Sabry Sadek Elserafy
Salwa ibrahim Abd El hady
Seham Ahmed Ibrahim
khaled mohamed sharafeldein
Mervat saad zaloul mohamed
Mohammed Nagy Mohammed Mosaad hussien
Mohammed Hussein Awwad
Amal Abdallah Awadallah
Doaa Sabry Ibrahim Mohamed
# details
1 Effects of nature plants on diseases
2 Biochemical analysis
3 Diabetes mellitus
6 External reviewer in World Applied Sciences Journal
7 Hematological analysis
8 Hormones
9 Passing online education courses from: 1- MITx (7.00x: Introduction to Biology - The Secret of Life) 2-University of Melbourne (Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression) 3- Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Programmed cell death)
10 Ten year experience 1. In the field of scientific research. 2. In the field of teaching. 3. In the field of information technology
11 urine analysis
Gehan Hussein Ahmed Lasheen
Mervat Saad Zaghloul
mohamed elsayed
Omar Ibrahim Ghonemy
Amal Mohamed Hamed Mahmoud Abd Elkareem
Asmaa Mohamed Reda
Aza Mahmmoud Awd
Azza Mohamed Abdelrahman Marei
Dalia Said Hamza
Ebtesam Hassan Omar Nafe
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2 LABORATORY SKILLS · DNA Extraction · Bacterial Culture · Tissue preparations, and histochemical techniques · RT-PCR · Chromosome extraction · SDS-PAGE Protein Electrophoresis · Microbiology techniques · Anatomy · Spectrophotometer · Food Processing and quality of product. · Product sampling · A good experience working in a HACCP environment and WHMIS/MSDS training. · FPLC, and Size exclusion chromatography · Haematology · Biochemical analysis. · Blood analysis (Count RBCs, identify WBCs) · Urine analysis. · Microsoft Office. · Working knowledge Programs of Statistics like SPSS.
Eman hammed Shaker Khater
Eman Mohamed Shahen
Hannen Hessen Mohammoud Ouda
hayam ibrahim aboelmagd
Marwa Atef Elewa
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1 •Ten year experience 1. In the field of scientific research. 2. In the field of teaching.
Marwa Saad Mohamady Mahmoud
Mervat Kamal Abdo iskandar
Mohamed Kamal Hamed Abdelmagid
# details
1 Molecular biology such as DNA and RNA extraction, cloning (annealing, ligation, and transformation reactions), plasmid DNA preparations (mini and large scales preps), Sequencing, PCR, genotyping, reverse transcription reaction (RT), digesion reactions, gel extraction and real time PCR). Cell culture techniques such as maintaining and freezing cells, DNA and RNA transfection, cell-based assays such as adhesion, proliferation, migration, invasion, live cell labelling, co cultures and 3D models), immunoflourescence, microscopy (epifluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy), and live-cell imaging microscopy. Mice breading and dissection, Histological preparations, and immunohistochemistry. I also have extensive experiences in western blotting, site directed mutagenesis and have attended workshops in ELISA. Primary cell culture.
Mona Saber Afify
Nagah Mohamed Abd El-kawi Abou-rashed
Ali Reda Eid Ali
Amin Roushdy Mohamed Esmail
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1 Familiar with coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific from the experience of travelling and diving in many reef sites along the Red Sea coast of Egypt
2 First study on status of coral health and disease in the Red Sea, Egypt in my MSc Thesis
Dena Ebrahem Mohammad Abdelmottaleb
Doaa Ismail Mohamed Mahmoud ghorab
Fatma Ashour Youssef
Mohammed Elsayed Mohammed Elasrag
Nermeen Khalid Khalil
Rania Elsayed Abd ELrazic
Tamer Ali
# details
1 Allele-specific epigenome
2 Basic molecular biology techniques: Cloning (using restriction enzyme cloning strategy and Gibson assembly), site-directed mutagenesis, different types of PCR, western blot, BAC recombineering and generating stable cell lines.
3 Bioconductor tools.
4 Bulk transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) & single-cell transcriptome sequence (scRNA-seq)
5 Cell signaling pathways.
6 ChIP-Seq (chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by sequencing).
7 Chromosome conformation capture to study genome-wide interactions.
8 CRISPR/Cas system for genome editing.
9 Drosophila chromatin insulators.
10 Embryonic, adult stem cells and iPSCs biology.
11 Gene expression tuning via RNA-guided dCas9.
12 lncRNA biology
13 Mouse and Drosophila Genetics
14 Proteomics: SILAC and free label detection.
15 Reversible protein degradation by Auxin-Degron system
Walaa Mohamed Mahmoud shaalan
Ali Mohamed Dakrouni Mohamed
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1 Teaching and research assistant of fish Biology. One of the E-learning coordinators at the Department of Zoology. Member of the Scientific Books Selection Committee.
Eman Samy Mohamed Taha El-Degwi
Mahmoud Osama Hamdy Aly Abd Elmoaty
Mai Ahmed Mohamed Abd-Elkhalq Rabie
manal mahmoud hegazy bendary
Marwa Mohamed Mahmoud Refaat
Noura "Mohamed Nabawy" Mohamed
Zeinab Abdullah Ebraheem Hafez
Hany Abd Elmageed AbdElslaam
# details
1 1-Faculty member at Faculty of Science (Associated Prof.), University of Benha, Benha, EGYPT. 2011 - Now. 2-Faculty member at Faculty of Science, University of Benha, Benha, EGYPT. 2008 - 2011. 3- Tutorial for Biology and Ecology at University of Toronto (UFT), Toronto, Canada. 2004 - 07. 4- Faculty member at Tabuk teacher’s College, Biology Dept., Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, 2001-04. 5- Faculty member at university of Benha , Zoology Dept.,1995-01. 6- Faculty member at UAE University, Biology Dept.: starting first program of Master Degree in Environmental Sciences at UAE University (taught Coastal Management), 1993-95. 7- Research Ecologist and coastal management expert at the Committee of Planning and Environment for Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman 1992-93. 8- Consultant as coastal management expert at Ministry of Tourism of Egypt for the Red Sea Coastal Management Program 1991-92. 9- Teaching Assistant at the University of Georgia, Dept. of Biology, USA, 1987-89. 10- Research Assistant at Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Hurghada, Red Sea, EGYPT, 1975- 82. 11- Awarded Scholarship for studying at the University of Georgia, Odum’s Institute of Ecology for Ph.D. in Marine Ecology, USA, 1983-89. E) Other Experiences: 1-Founder and Editor of these Sites: a) Web Site of Zoology Dept., Faculty of Science, Benha University: http://www.zoologydeptbenhauniv.blogspot.com/ b) Web Site of Egyptian Society for Biological Sciences: http://www.esfbs.blogspot.com/ c) Web Site of Comprehensive Library of Biological Sciences: http://benhalibrary2.blogspot.com/ d) Web Site of Marine Biological Station at Al-Ghardaqa (Hurgada), Red Sea: A Great Science History: http://benhahurghada.blogspot.com/ e) Web Site of Green living http://benhagreen.blogspot.com/ f) Web Site of Beauty of Nature http://benhaphotos3.blogspot.com/ g) Web Site of Discover the Beauty of Egypt http://discoverthebeautyofegypt.blogspot.com/ 2- Computer administrator at Tabuk Teacher’s College, KSA. 3- Collecting biological materials (invertebrates) from the ocean and bottom of the ocean (benthic organisms) by using either SCUBA or different methods on research vessels. 4- Analyzing organic and inorganic chemicals by using different techniques. 5- Analyzing research data using different types of statistical analysis and experimental designing. 6- Identification most of marine organisms (invertebrates) in situ and experience in collecting museum samples. 7- Underwater research photographer. 8- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for varieties of projects. 9- Marine Pollution and aquatic toxicology expert. 10- Multi-media producer for all teaching subjects.
Safaa Ahmed Mahdy Alzawahry
sahar mohamed aboelkahir
Samia Kaml