Faculty of Engineering, Shoubra: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Experience In This Department: 92

Ramadan Youssef Sakr Moustafa
Ahmed Maged Ahmed Mohamed Osman
Ahmed Said Abdel Hafez Zedan
Ashraf Ahmed Lashin
Eed A. A. Abdel-Hadi
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1 الأشراف على تصميم وتنفيذ الأجهزة الآتية: 1-جهاز انتقال الحرارة بالحمل الحر من الأجسام المعدنية مع الهواء 2-جهاز انتقال الحرارة بالحمل الحراري الحر من الأجسام في السوائل (محاكاة لماعل نووي 3-جهاز تكثييف ابخرة مركبات التبريد 4- جهاز الغليان الحر لمركبات التبريد 5- جهاز تحلية المياة المالحة باستخدام الطاقة الشمسية 6- عدد 2 مجفف شمسي 7- عدد 2 غرفة خشبية معزولة لدراسة التدفئة الغير مباشرة باستخدام الطاقة الشمسية 8- عدد 2 جهاز لتخزين الطاقة الحرارية من السوائل او الغازات في شمع البرافين 9- جهاز ترطيب باستخدام المواد المسامية 10- جهاز لدراسة استقرار اللهب لخليط سابق التجهيز من وقود غازي والهواء
2 بعض الأنشطة بالمملكة العربية السعودية: (الكلية التقنية ببريدة) تصميم وتنفيذ العديد من الأجهزة التعليمية : 1- مثل مبين القدرة للمحركات 2- جهاز قياس كثافة الدخان في محركات الديزل 3- جهاز الكشف عن أعطال المبردات 4- المشاركة في تنفيذ سيارة برمائية (حوامة-Hover craft)
Fareda Sayed Ahmed
Fouad Helmy sayed Helmy Mahmoud
# details
1 factory for manufacturing light bulbs and lamp [Agreement with the government of china]
2 Factory for manufacturing Panel Boards under license of SIEMENS GERMANY
3 Feasibility studies and solution provider with both extrusion machines for manufacturing electric cables and production line for manufacturing steel tubes
Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa
# details
1 Curriculum and course materials development using teaching-by-objective approach for the modernization program of the Egyptian Air Force Academy. TELEMEDIA Inc.( Educational Consultants based in Chicago,U.S.A.).
2 Curriculum development and course specification for the Information Technology programme, Information Technology department, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud university. 2004
3 Curriculum development and course specification for the Software Engineering programme, Software Engineering department, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud university. 2006.
4 Curriculum development and course specification for undergraduate level, Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, 1998-1999.
5 Curriculum development and course specification of the Joint PhD Programme in Computer and Information Sciences, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud university. 2006 -2007.
6 Curriculum development, Tiba Training Institute, Madina, Saudi Arabia, Feb, 2002.
7 Master programme curriculum development and course specification, Department of Computer Science, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, 2002.
8 Master programme curriculum development and course specification, Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, 1998-1999
Hamdy Mohamed Ali Kandiel
Hossam El-Din Mohamed Zakaria
Khairy Hussein Mustafa El Najjar
Maher Gamil Ahmed Fathy Higazy
Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussien Mansour
Mohamed Safwat ZAHRAN
Mohamed Fayek A.M. Abd-Rabbo
# details
1 13) Design of the following pumping station: a- 11.5 m3/sec b-4 m3/sec c- 1.5 m3/sec For El Gezera irrigation project –Iraq, during the period 1984-1988
2 Air-conditioning system design and software analysis
3 Chillers systems control training course.. Dubai
4 Course and networking in the field of computers 1993- till now
5 Design a group of multistage centrifugal pumps Using computer modeling CFD for Turkish firm.
6 Design of deep freezers and refrigerators factory at Abo Rawash Giza, Egypt, 1980 estimated cost 7 million LE
7 Design of metal sheets painting shop for Cairo metal work 1979 estimated cost 3 million LE.
8 Diesel engines maintenance training course Saudi Arabia.
9 Industrial safety training course Saudi Arabia
10 Mechanical measurements course through the Arab training bureau 2008
11 New technologies in the field of Water desalination , training course, Egypt
12 Oil storage tanks design and inspections through the Arab training bureau 2008
13 Pumps maintenance and operation through the Arab training bureau 2006
14 Quality assurance for the erection of Inshas nuclear reactor.
15 Redesign water pipe line for a pumping station 10 km for the mechanical& electrical authority Ministry of irrigation.2008
mohamed salah abas
Mohammad Hassan Hassan Sakr
Mustafa Zaki Zahran
Osama Ezzat Abdellatif
# details
1 Consultant of Alexandria University Desalination Studies and Technology Center (ADST)
2 Consultant of German Fund Agency in Egypt for “small farms “….
3 Consultant of Nile Engineering Consultant office, Egypt “N.E.C.B.”
4 Consultant of Roshdy company of Metallic Industries
5 Consultant of the Arab Steel Company
6 Egyptian Manger of the American Fund of “Development of Network System of water supply authority”.
Ramadan Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
Samir Sobhy Ayad
# details
1 Design and manufacturing of Air Handling Units in cooperation with Rosenberg Ventilation Company of Germany.
2 Design and testing of Flat Plate Solar Collectors and Thermal Storage for Solar Hot Water Systems for Egyptian Solar Energy System Company at October 6th City, First Industrial Zone, Phone +2 02-38331201.
3 Modeling of Vortex Augmented Wind Energy Systems At Solar Energy Research Institute ( Presently National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL, Colorado, USA )
Sherif Hady Taher Eisa
Tarek Ahmed Fouad Khalifa
# details
1 Consultation services for metallurgical industries at EL-Obour City and Tenth of Ramadan.
Yehia Abdel-Azim Al-Mashad
Abdel-Kader Abdel-Karim Ibrahim
# details
1 Colleges And Institutes Sector at Yanbu, Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu, KSA- Head of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (July 2012-July-2013)
2 Consultant for ISO 9001-2000 Qualification for the following Companies:‎ • Arabic union Co. for Shipment and discharge, Alexandria, 2001.‎ • Egyptian Co. for general storehouses, Alexandria, 2002.‎
3 Consultant For Project Management Unit, Ministry of Higher Education, ‎Egypt, Sep. 2013- Sep. 2014, with the following duties:‎ • Supervise and follow up the labs international accreditation projects. ‎ • Supervise and follow up the projects of development of Universities’ ‎administrations systems (ISO 9001-2008).‎
4 Delta Academy for science – Al-Mansoura, Part time. 2002- 2005 Teaching the following subjects • Production Management • Operation research 1 • Operation research 2 • System programming • Management Information System (MIS) • Project Management
5 Head of general technical subjects and welding section, Vocational Training Center, Defense, Dubai, 1991:1996 • Supervise workshop layout and machines installation, • preparing and supervise the courses of different technical seminars,
6 Yanbu Industrial college, Yanbu El-Senaeia, K.S.A. (ABET, and ACBSP Accredited college) , Sep. 2006- July 2012. • Assistance professor, Teaching the following courses: o Mechanical Design II. o Introduction to manufacturing technology. o Introduction to drafting o Mechanical drafting • Member of the committee for preparing the training program for 2 years SAFRA Co. students training. • B.Sc. program Coordinator from Sep. 2007- Feb. 2010. • Member of the ABET accreditation committee For Associate degree programs 2007/2009, and B.Sc. program 2008/2010. • Head of Quality assurance and Accreditation Department. Feb. 2010- Now Responsible for the following accreditation: TAC of ABET, Inc., ASBSP, and CEA
7 • Academic Activities 1 Shoubra faculty of Engineering, Zagazig university as: -Teaching assistant, May 1983- Mar. 1987. -Ass. Lecturer, Mar.1987- Oct.1990. -Ass. Prof., 1990 - 2003 - Associate Professor, 18 Nov. 2003- now Teaching the following subjects: • Machine Design.. • Theory of Vibration • Machine Construction. • Theory of Machines. • Engineering Drawing. • Non traditional machining. • Engineering metrology. • Computers. • Production management and Quality control • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) • Computer Numerical Control. • Maintenance using vibration And computer applications.
8 • General coordinator for administrative quality at Banha University. Egypt, ‎Dec. 2016‎
9 • Head of General Subjects Department, Credit hours system, Shoubra faculty of ‎Engineering, Benha University, Egypt. Nov. 2016 ‎
10 • Practical Activities 1. Design and planning manager, Misr Trailer Co., 1983:1987 with the following activities: -Planning and layout of the factory, Supervise all steel construction processes -Design and supervise the production for the prototypes of the trailers, semi-trailers, tippers, low bed trailers. 2. Member of the Consultation group For Midequip Co. for hospital equipping.1996-1997., as follows: -Design and supervise the steel construction works, and pre-installation for medical equipment for Sharm El-Sheikh hospital. -Supervise pre-installation for medical equipment including all mechanical and Electrical works for the following cancer centers: Damanhour center, Domiat Center, El- Menia center, and El-Salam center -Supervise renewal of the following hospitals: Suize Chest hospital, And Rashid hospital 3- Consultant for International office for engineering and trading, Electrolab Co., Ten TEC Co. Oct. 1999 – Oct. 2000. 4- Consultant for Arab Contractor ( Shoubra Branch) 2000 – 2006. With the following activities: • Supervise the repair of different cranes • Design for 3 Axle Tipping Trailer, flat bed trailer, and low bed trailer
Ahmed Attia Abd El_Latief Attia
# details
3 Computer Aided design tools (Cad Cam) –Solid work (engineering Drawing software ) Experience in industrial control and measuring system using data acquisition cards and programming using Lab-view software in simulation, control and design. Joined in Team work for Electric Bus Project issued from UNDP to SFD Egypt, American part representative tell now Joined in Team work for Electric Bus Project (AFICO representative) for installation, operation and maintenance in Luxor site for (Social Fund for Development and Ministry of Antiques) for two years. A member of consultant committee for inspecting Boiler at National Institute of Eyes, Rode El_Farag Cairo, Egypt. Under Recommendation of Faculty of Engineering, Banha University. Participate as A member of Shoubra Faculty of Engineering, team for sharing in Banha University Local Annual week for Environmental and Society Service for years 2006,2007,2008,2009 A member of Environmental Committee for Shoubra Faculty of Engineering. Banha Univ. Sharing in Egypt-Japan Conference on Environment and Construction, Cairo, Arab Repulic of Egypt, M arch 2009, under recommendation from Faculty of Engineering Shoubra Faculty Engineering. A Training Course in “ Environmental Management for Air and water Pollutants” National Research Center , 2007 A member of consultant committee for modification and reconstruction to be environmental for stack of medical waste sanitary of National Institute of Eyes, Rode El_Farag Cairo, Egypt. Under Recommendation from Faculty of Engineering, Banha University. Supervisor on the B.Sc. projects entitled “PEM and MCFC Fuel Cell “ for years 2006,2008,2009
Ahmed Abdel Azim Ahmed
Ahmed Reda Mohamed Ali El Shami
Ali Ali Abdul Aziz Ali
Al_sayed Fahmi Atwan
Attia Hussein Gomaa
# details
1 Aluminum Company of Egypt - Nag Hammady, Egypt
2 Amal International Center in Cairo, Egypt (AIC)
3 CAPSCU, Faculty of Eng., Cairo University
4 Egyptian Maintenance Company, Cairo, Egypt
5 El-Naser Castings Co., Cairo, Egypt
6 El-Sharkia Company for Tobacco, Cairo, Egypt
7 ENPPI Co., Cairo, Egypt
8 Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University, Egypt
9 Helwan Iron Foundries Co. (Military Factory 9), Cairo, Egypt
10 Helwan Non-Ferrous Co. (Military Factory 63), Cairo, Egypt
11 Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC-EEMDC)
12 PETROJET Company, Cairo, Egypt
13 Prof. & Consultant at Eng. Service - American Univ. in Cairo
14 Tribology and Spare Parts Center, Cairo Univ. (TSP-CU)
El Sayed Youssef Suleiman El Kady
Karam Mahmoud Hassan El-Shazly
# details
1 Fire Fighting systems include Fire extinguishers, FM200, CO2 system, wet riser system having sprinkler system(upright and pendent) as well as Dry riser system .
2 HVAC systems include central air conditioning(Chilled water and DX) systems, split, package and mechanical ventilation systems.
3 Our experiences are designing HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning ) and Fire fighting systems, as well as the coordinator for Electro-Mechanical systems such as (Plumbing systems, Electrical systems besides HVAC and Fire Fighting System).
4 Plumbing systems include domestic cold/hot water system, foul drainage system, storm water system and site irrigation system,
5 Electrical systems include power supply to the building, UPS system, lighting system, fire alarm system, paging system, Sound or sound and image system and data-telephone system.
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Kayedbay Mohamed Moawed
# details
1 9.1 Consultation: Considerable experience has been established in the field of Consultation of QMS systems, EMS and CE mark. This was achieved through EQE consultancy approach, for upgrading and implementation ISO 9000 standard. Typical relevant clients include: 1- Hourous For shipping and transport. 2- High Institute for Agriculture. 3- Elsoufi Company. 4- ElMotaheda for Agriculture. 5- General Motors. 6- Eysis for Agriculture. 7- Elshely for clothes. 8- Elsawra Company. 9- Swilam company. 10- Gastech company. 11- Amoon for Medicine. 12- Arabaize for Computer. 13- Harf for Computer. 14- ElShehsaay for Clothes. 15- Dimode for Clothes. 16- Yoromode for clothes. 17- Power Egypt for Air conditioning. 18- Red sea Marin company.
2 These consultation processes include: 1) Gap analysis 2) Training 3) System documentation and construction 4) System implementation 5) Internal audit
Nabil Mohamed Shafik Abdel-Azim Berbish
Ragab Khalil Ali Khalil
Reda Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Afify
Reda Ibrahim Ibrahim El-Ghnam
# details
1 C++ and visual basic computer programmer
Saber Mahmoud Abdrabbo
Sameh Shawky Habib Abadeer
Sayed Ahmed Abdel-Moneim
# details
1 1. Professor, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Cairo, Egypt , Benha Univ., (2013 – up to now). 2. Professor, and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Northern Border University, (NBU), Arar- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA, (Sept. 2010 - 2013). 3. Professor, and Head of Mechanical Eng. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Northern Border Univ. (NBU), Arar- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA, (Sept. 2008 - Aug. 2010 ). 4. Professor, Mechanical Eng. Dept, Faculty of Eng., Garyounis Univ., Lybia, (2005-2008). 5. Professor, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Cairo, Egypt , Benha Univ., (March 2004 - 2005). 6. Visiting Professor, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Strathclyde Univ., Glasgow, UK, (March-September 2000). 7. Associate Professor, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Zagazig Univ., Cairo, Egypt ( 1998-March 2003). 8. Lecture, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Zagazig Univ., Cairo, Egypt ( 1992-1998). 9. Associate Lecture, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Zagazig Univ., Cairo, Egypt ( 1989-1992). 10. Research Assistant, Mechanical Eng. Dept., Shoubra Faculty of Eng., Zagazig Univ., Cairo, Egypt ( 1984-1989).
Tamer Samir Mahmoud Abdul Majeed
Test Staff member 2
Ahmed Mohamed Gaafer Marzouk
Maha Mahmoud Aly Lashin
Tamer Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Raouf Khalil
Abdel-Halim Abdel-Mohsen Mahmoud Al-Akbawi
ahmed A. Serageldin
Ahmed Karam AbdelFattah Mostafa
Ahmed Mohamed Salah Kandil
ahmed tohamy
aziza sherif
Baiumy Taha Abdel-Moati El-Assal
# details
1 • Refrigeration & air conditioning.
2 • Engineering Consulting in the electro-mechanical works
3 • Sewage Treatment.
4 • Solar Collector Systems and Performance.
5 • Thermal Power Plants.
6 • Thermal storage systems.
Bilal Abdul-Karim Salem
Doaa Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah Ads
El-Awady Attia
El-sayed Hamzah Mansour Abd-el hadi
Gergis Edwar Mehanny Beshay
Hamdy El-Sayed Mohamed El-Sayed
Hamid Farag Hamed Saber
Hany Al-Sawy Abdel-Rahman
Hassanein Abdelmohsen Hassanein Refaey
Hend yasin Mohamed Al-Tantawi
Ibrahim Mahmoud Mohamed MohamedShahin
Islam Hussein Elsayed Hussein Sakkr
Ismail Mahmoud Metwally Alsedik El semary
Khalid Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Ibrahem
Magdy Rashwan Ibrahim
Maha Fathi Abdullah El-Sangaree
Mahmoud Abdelrahman Khedr
Mahmoud Mohamed Elsamanty
Mamdouh Esmat Abdel-Ghani
Mamdouh Wafaa Shawky Hefny
Mohamed Abdel-Salam Fahmi El-Dessouky
Mohamed Ahmed Abd Elrahman Ahmed
Mohamed Hassan Shehata
Mohamed Hussien Bayuomi
Mohamed Reda Aly Abd-Elhamid Salem
# details
1 Heat & Mass Transfer
2 Heat Exchangers
3 Measurements & Instrumentation
4 Nanofluids
5 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
6 Solar Collectors
7 Solar Radiation
8 Thermal Analysis & Control
Mohamed Saber Ahmed Ibrahim Sokar
Mohammed Gamil Mohammed Abdelghany
Mohammed Hani Mahmoud Abdel-Maksoud
Mostafa Abdel-mohimen Hussein
Mostafa El Sayed Abd-Elmonem
Rasha Mohamed Elsayed Afify
Samah Samir Mohamed Hasanin
Sayed Abd elwanis Abd alla
Seyed Ali Zian Ali
Tarik Mohamed Tawfeek
Zakaria Ahmed Mohamed Behairy
AbdelKariem Karam AbdelKariem Mohamed
Ahmed Omar Mosleh Omar
Ahmed Abdelfattah ElSadek
Ahmed Mohi Mohamed Ahmed
Ali Mohammed Ismail Elgazzar
Aly Mohamed Ahmed Soliman
amr monier abdelaliem ibrahim
Ashraf El-sayed Abdel-Aleem
Asmaa Mostafa Rabea
Ehab Abdel-Azim Awad
Islam moustafa kamel
Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed Hassan Sharaf Eldin
Mahmoud Ismail Ahmad Al-Gazzar
Mohamed Elsayed Abdelaty Elsayed Ahmed
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Emam ALi
Mohamed Fouad El-sherbiny El-sayed
Muhamad Abd El-Fatah Hamouda Soliman
Mustafa Mohamed Mahmoud Okasha
nadia hamzawy mohamed
Ramy Gadallah
Rasha Mohamed El-syed Afifi Ali
Saber Ragab Abd Allah
Samer Anwar Beskales Agaiby
# details
1 My main research interests are in the field of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. • Turbulent Flow Modeling Using CFD Program Packages. • Active and Passive Control of Turbulences wakes. • Boundary Layer Separation behavior • Effect of surface roughness on drag force reduction • Super hydrophobic surfaces • Investigating flow characteristics over airfoils shapes. • Estimating the turbo machinery efficiency using CFD techniques
Abanoub Zaki Abdel-malak Zaki
ahmed abd elftah moustafa kamel elsadek
ahmed saaed mohamed alam
Ayman Karam Shehatah Ali
Basem Ragab Mohamed Mohamed
Elhaitham Mustafa Elshahat Mustafa
Hassan Ali Selim Ali Elshokrofy
Helal Anwar Elgammal
Hesham Zaghloul Abdelhameed Mostafa
Islam Othman Mohamed
Mina Gamal Mourad Abd Elmalek
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Emam
mohamed mohy mohamed abdalhadi
Mohamed Zaki Ismail
Mostafa Mokhtar
mustafa essam lotfy hussain orban
# details
1 Demonstrator at mechanical department shoubra faculty of engineering banha university ▪ dean@feng.bu.edu.eg ▪ 108 shobrua street Cairo Egypt ▪ fax :11629
2 As Soc team manager for top quality for security that worked for Orange company for communication Tel: 01227773366
3 General Manager at el Gharbi for animal food 105 sembo elkobra zifta gharbia
said abd el kerem mustafa
Tamer Ramadan Hassan Badawi
Ibrahim moussa Ibrahim
Mamdouh Mohamed El-Sayed Soliman
Mervat Tawfik Mahmoud Abd Elrahman
Abdul Salam Hamid Hussein Badr
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamed Ghaith
Atef Abdel-azim Aly Mohamed
Hisham Morsi Abdel-Rahman Tantawi
Iman Mahmoud Mohamed Elkomy
Mohamed Hamdi Gooda Ghaith
Rady Mohamed Ahmed Sleim
Raouf Tawfik Fahmy
Said Wahba Shehata
Sami Ali Ahmed Al Qadi