Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Department of Surgery

Experience In This Department: 23

Hussein El-Maghraby
Adel Mohamed Sayed Ahmed Al-Akraa
gafar khaled
Samy Fargaly Ismail Abed El Wahab
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1 Delivering Lectures in the field of Veterinary Surgery , Anaesthesiology and Radiology for both under and post graduated students
2 Discussion of many Master as well as PH.D. Thesis in the field of Veterinary surgery , Anaesthesiology and Radiology in the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine all over Arab Republic of Egypt
3 Explanation and demonstration of practical techniques for small and large animal surgery.
4 preparation of many books in the field of veterinary surgery , Anaesthesiology and Radiology such as :Essentials of veterinary ophthalmology.
5 Supervisor on the Master as well as Ph.D.Thesis in the field of Veterinary Surgery , Anaesthesiology and Radiology at the Surgery Department , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Moshtohor.
6 Translation into arabic for some courses of the Veterinary Surgery , Anaesthesiology and Radiology to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , El-Fateh University , Tripoli , Libia.
Adel Mohmoud (Nasr El Din) Ibrahim Badawy
Abd-El-Haleem Hamada Mahmoud El-Kasaby
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1 International computer driving license (ICDL) certification.
2 Performing operation for Animals.
3 treatment of orthopedic problems in animals.
4 arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic problems
5 Cattle and Buffalo Anesthesia
6 Equine Arthroscopy
7 Experimental Design consultant (designing experimental research).
8 preparing of projects.
9 Surgery Anesthesiology radiology anatomy ultrasound experimental surgery
10 Teaching and training of student and Vterinarians
11 Teaching and Training of Students and Veterinarians
12 Treatment and prevention of animal diseases.
13 ultrasonographic diagnosis of swellings in different animal species
14 ultrasound guided analgesia
15 using of diagnostic imaging for diagnosis and assessment of treatment
16 Writing scientific papers.
ahmed hassan khalil
Atef Sayed Ahmed Abd Algalil Sayed Ahmed
# details
1 Teaching and Training of Students and Veterinarians
Hussein Mohamed Elhusseiny Ali Elbayoumi
Mahmoud Mohammed Abouelfetouh Khalil