Faculty of Commerce: Department of Accounting

Mustafa Rashed Moustafa Alaabady
Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed khalil
Samy Mohamed Ahmed Ghnemi
Sanaa Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed
Elsaid Mohamed Abdelaziz Shoieb
Farouk Gomaa Abd El-Aal
Hamed Tolba Mohamed Abo.Hiba
Mohamed Amer Wahiba
Sanaa Mohamed Ali Badran
Soheir Sharawy Mohamed Gomaa
Tarek Abd Elazim Ahmed
adel taha ahmed fayed
Ali Mahmoud Mostafa Khalil
Eid Mahmoud Hemeda Khalaf
Soliman Mohamed Mustafa
# Activity Name Year
1 4. Conducting an active training in various areas of accounting (International and Egyptian Accounting Standards, financial and accounting analysis, to read and display the financial statements, auditing standards since 1990 until now. 1990
2 3. Participating in institutional development programs in the bodies of drinking water and sanitation to be converted into joint stock companies (Aswan - Abu Simbel, Cairo from 1999 - so far ) 1999
3 1. Establishment of a system of internal quality assurance at the Faculty of Commerce Benha 2004/2008. (Phase I) (QAAP). (Coordinator of administrative activities ) 2004
4 8. Consultant for modern academy 2013
5 7. Member of the Supervisory Committee of the Division on English study in college 2013
6 6. Contribute to the development of regulations for open education system 2013
7 5. Develop regulations of the Center for Studies and Research at the Faculty of Commerce benha university 2013
Gehan Abdel Elhady Mousa Mohamed
# Activity Name Year
1 (2000 – 2004) A full scholarship to study for the Ph.D in accounting at the University of Durham – England. This scholarship is fully financed by the Egyptian government. 2004
2 A research grants from the University of Bahrain in 2010 to do a research on “Corporate governance practice and market corporate value of listed companies in the GCC Countries: An Empirical Study”. 2010
3 A research grants from the University of Bahrain in 2010 to do a research on “Content Analysis of Corporate Risk Disclosure: The Case of Bahraini Capital Market”. 2010
4 External editor for: - Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (JAEE) 2012
5 Arabian Journal of Accounting, University of Bahrain 2013
Magdy Melegy Abd Elhakeem Melegy
Mahmoud Ragab Yaseeen Gohnim
Mohamed Fathy Elshahat Ali
Ahmed Aly Hassan Soliman Younis
Ahmed Hameed Mahmoud Abd Elhalim
Amel Abd Elfadeel Ateya Mohamed
Atef Fathey Abd- El-Latif Salem
Eid Karem Ahmed Abd Elhameed
Hassan Abd Elkader Hassan
Mahmoud Abd Elaleem Elkholy
Mahmoud Mohamed AbdElreheam Hussein
Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Shuaib
mohamed nagyosman01
Mona Makhraby Mohamed Ibrahim
Mostafa Monier Yaseen Zeyad
Nasr Taha Hassan Arafa
Remon Melad Foad Kaldas
Sabrah Ahmed Abd Elaal Ali
Salah Mohamed Mahmud Kamel
Sanaa Maher Mohamady Massoud
Shereen Shawky Elsayeid Elmallah
Waffaa Yehia Ahmed Hegazy
Zakariya Mohamed Mahmood Nofal
Abeer Abdel-karem Srour
dina ibrahim ali mohamed
Fatma Gabr Saleh Abd Elsalam
Hana Ali Abd Allah Salama
Heba Abd Elaleem Mohmed Hassan
Heba Besheir Eltokhy Abd Elfattah
Loura Tharwat Saad Kamar
Marwa Mohamed Maher Abd Elfattah
May Ata Abd Elaziz Aboelazm
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Abdel rahman
Mohamed Eliwa Youssef Abd El Fattah
Mohamed Gamal Elsayed Mohamed Salem
Ramez Ahmed Youssef Aly
Rania Ali Okely Omar
Rasha Abo Bakr Ghazy Gharib
Sameh Mohamed Amin Elnagar
Samira Abas Mohamed abo elneel
shorouk esam eldin yassien mohamed omar
Ahmed Khedr
Amal Kamal Mohamed Elesawy
amira attalla mohamed aly
Amr Abo El Fotoh
Dina Ramadan Saad Abd Elhalim
Eman Fathy Asaad El zoghpy
hayam shaaban hegazy elsayed
Mai Abd-el fattah Afify
mohamed abd allah zaki
Mona Elsayed Ibrahim
Mustafa Samy Abd Elaziz
Nada Adel Rashad
naglaa ibrahim mohammed ibrahim
Noha Mohamed Ahmed Mahrous
Rania Mohamed Mahmoud Shahin
Rasha Mohamed Elsayed Abo Elmagd
Saher Alaa Ahmed Fathy Khaled
Sara Gamel Mohamed Atia
sayed sherif abdelwahab heba
Sherif Mohamed Hosny Sherif Elgohary