Faculty of Agriculture: Department of Agronomy

Nasser Khamis Barakat El-Gizawy
# Committee Name Year
1 لجنة المكتبة 2011
Mahmoud El-Zaabalawy Mahmoud El-Badawy
Ahmed Ali Abd El Maksoud El Hosary
Abd Elhameed Elsayed Khalil Aldababy
Adely Mohamed Morsey
Ahmed Roshdy Mohamed Ahmed
# Committee Name Year
1 Contributor to the establishment of crop research laboratory for students Postgraduate. 2000
2 Established the department and from crops Nasser Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Aden, Democratic Republic of Yemen from 1970: 1972., which later became the College of Agricultural Sciences Nasser University of Aden - Republic of Yemen 1972
3 Lead to the families of the faculty from 1995 to 2003. 2003
4 Member of approval committees for about 50 thesis and dissertation. 2000
5 Member of the library committee in the Faculty of Agriculture at Moshtohor. 2000
6 Qualifying exam. For more than 100 PhD. Candidate. 2000
7 Reviewer of scientific pepar. Submitted for publication in several university journals. 2002
8 Visiting professor at faculty of Education at El-Medena, King Abdulaziz University, Saod Arabia from 1982 to 1987. 1982
Ali Abd El-Maksoud El-Hosary
El-Sayed Mohamed Hassan Shokr
Elsayed Hefny Mohamed Hefny
Fadel Tolba Zenhom El Sheikh
# Committee Name Year
1 1) Member of the Egyptian Society for Applied Science Sharkia 0
Gaber Abdelatif Sary
Gaber Yehia Mohammed Hammam Gelilah
Haroun Mohamed Mohamed Mousa El-Naggar
Hassan Ramadan Ahmed El-Deepah
Mohamed El- Sayied Riad Gomaa
Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Salwau
# Committee Name Year
1 Consultant of scouting and general services committee ,Benha University ,2008-2009 2009
2 Consultant of scouting and general services committee ,Faculty of Agriculture ,Moshtohor, Benha 0
3 Member of leading and excuting committee ,Benha University since 2005 up to 2008 2008
Mohamed Kassem Mohamed Khalifa
Muhammad Hany A.Tageldin
Sadiek Abd El-Aziz Sadiek Mehasen
Salah Abbas Hassan Allam
Salah Shafshak
Sedhom Asaad Sedhom
Seif Attala Seif
Ahmed Mohamed Saad Ibrahim
Amany Kamel Elhabbak
Asmaa Mohamed Soliman Hamoda
ELsaeed Mohamed Mahmoud ELgedwy
khaled abdelwahed abdelmougod bioumy
Mohamed Fadel Tolba Zenhom
mohamed anwar osman
Abdel-mawgoud Taha Abdel-mawgoud Bayoumi
Alaa Samy Ali Elbadawy
Amani Abdelwahab Ibrahim
Mayada Sobhy Abdelsadik Nayel
wafaa ali mohamed ali aboueissa