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Towards a Robust Scale Invariant Feature Correspondence
Authors: Shady Y. El-Mashad and Amin Shoukry
Year: 2015
Keywords: Features Matching, Features Extraction, Topological Relations, Graph Matching, Performance Evaluation.
Journal: 6th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, Warsaw, Poland, 2015, June 30 - July 3
Volume: 6
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 33-43
Publisher: Springer
Local/International: International
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Full paper Shady Yehia AbdElazim Elmashed _Towards a Robust Scale Invariant Feature Correspondence.pdf

In this paper, we introduce an improved scale invariant feature correspondence algorithm which depends on the Similarity-Topology Matching algorithm. It pays attention not only to the similarity between features but also to the spatial layout of every matched feature and its neighbours. The features are represented as an undirected graph where every node represents a local feature and every edge represents adjacency between them. The topology of the resulting graph can be considered as a robust global feature of the represented object. The matching process is modeled as a graph matching problem; which in turn is formulated as a variation of the quadratic assignment problem. The Similarity-Topology Matching algorithm achieves superior performance in almost all the experiments except when the image has been exposed to scaling deformations. An amendment has been done to the algorithm in order to cope with this limitation. In this work, we depend not only on the distance between the two interest points but also on the scale at which the interest points are detected to decide the neighbourhood relations between every pair of features. A set of challenging experiments conducted using 50 images (contain repeated structure) representing 5 objects from COIL-100 data-set with extra synthetic deformations reveal that the modified version of the Similarity-Topology Matching algorithm has better performance. It is considered more robust especially under the scale deformations.

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