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A Practical Technique for Anchoring to Concrete Structures
Authors: Kamal, O. A., Mahrous, E.M., and Hamdy, O. M. A
Year: 2003
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Publisher: Tenth International Conference for Structural’ and Geotechnical Eng., Ain Shams University
Local/International: International
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Designing an anchor fastener on a purely theoretical basis does not give reliable results as a rule, since accurate modeling for complicated load-material behavior cannot be achieved. Consequently, experimental work usually founds the basis of anchor fastening design. In this work, an efficient and inexpensive technique for anchoring to concrete members is investigated. First, the anchor fastening technique is explained and the structural and manufacturing aspects of the loading device are illustrated in detail. Next, the technique for measuring, recording, and interpreting the results is outlined. A study of different factors influencing the ultimate loads such as the diameter of anchor, length of anchor, and angle of anchor are included in the work. The case of bonding the anchor using a chemical bonding agent is also considered. The failure pattern of anchor fasteners for each case is depicted. Design equations, charts, and tables are concluded. Results are compared with other existing anchoring methods. Keywords: anchors; embedments; concrete.

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