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Prof. Mohamed Moenes Mohamed Salama :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
4) Analysis of current carrying capacity of overhead transmission lines using finite elements techniques Completed
6) Voltage Stability Assessment with Particular Reference to Optimal Operation of power Systems Completed
10) New approaches of power system planning Completed
On-line Solution to alleviate the Voltage Collapse in Electric Power Systems حل مباشر لتفادي إنهيار الجهد في نظم القوي الكهربائيه Completed
Short Term Optimal Economic Operation of Hydro Thermal Power Systems Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques التشغيل الإقتصادي الأمثل علي المدي القصير لأنظمة القوي الهيدروحراريه بإستخدام طرق الذكاء الإصطناعي Completed
Artificial Intelligence based Energy Management for Renewable Energy interconnected systems Completed
Improving the power quality by DG unit in distribution network using a new multi objective optimization technique Completed
Optimum Solution for Network Congestion Resulting from the PV Units Surpluses in Smart Grid Completed
Thermal Performance Enhancement of Oil-Filled Transformers Completed
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