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Production and Evaluation of Papain and Pectinesterase Enzymes from Papaya Fruits
Authors: Frahat F.A. Foda, Salah M. M. Saad, Nadia Y. A. Attia, *Mohamed S. M.Eid
Year: 2016
Keywords: Papain, Pectinesterase, Papaya fruits, Proteolytic activity, Kinetic parameters.
Journal: 3nd International Conference On Biotechnology Applications In Agriculture (ICBAA), Benha University, Moshtohor and Sharm El-Sheikh, 5-9, April 2016, Egypt
Volume: 3
Issue: Not Available
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Publisher: Mohamed said moawad
Local/International: International
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The objective of this study was to produce and evaluatethe papain and Pectinesterase enzymes from papaya (Carica papaya L.) fruit. The protein content and proteolytic activity were found to be 0.74mg/ml and 7.68 U/ml of papain enzyme, 0.48mg/ml and 2.8 U/ml of papaya pectinesterase, respectively. The optimum NaCl concentration on PE activity was found to be 0.3M. The optimum pH on the reaction activity of crude papain and papaya pectinesterase were found to be 6.4 and 7.0, respectively.The optimum temperature was found to be 60oC and 55oC, respectively.The optimum enzyme concentration was found to be 0.6g/100ml and 12ml of the extract, respectively. The optimum substrate concentration was found to be 1.1g/100ml and 6.5 mg/ml.TheMichaelis –Menten constant and maximal rate of the crude papain and papaya Pectinesterase equaled to 0.43 g/100ml potassium phosphate buffer solution and 13.68 U/ml for the first enzyme while, these values were 3.2 mg/ml and 15.6 U/ml for the second ones, respectively.

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