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Towards a good urban development plan in Sinai through land site suitability maps
Authors: Shaker Ahmed and Salah Mahmoud
Year: 2016
Keywords: Suitability map, Factors, Urbanization, Remote Sensing, GIS, multi-criteria analysis.
Journal: Regional Conference on Surveying & Development
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Urban developments are considered of high priority in Egypt. This research investigates the site suitability for urban developments using multi-criteria analysis. The study area, Sinai Peninsula, is one of the most promising areas for urban developments in Egypt, which is located in the northern east of Egypt. Weighted multi-criteria analysis approach has been applied tointegrate different data sources. These data sources include: geological data; slope percent; received flow rate; rain ratio; and water accessibility. As a result of this study, the most suitable areas for urban developments were identified. The suitability map for urban development was produced by weighted overlay of the five data sources. The most suitable zones for urban development in Sinai Peninsula amounted to 37% of total area. Therefore, decisions can be made early in the planning process before significant money and design efforts are being invested.

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