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The Effect of Dynamic Emotional Stability on The level of practical achievement at students of the faculty of Physical Education, Benha University
Authors: Ebrahim Mohamed Ebrahim El Bakery
Year: 2015
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Many individuals problems in adapting and poise faces, especially students who move from high school stage to the university level, it is the stage of middle adolescence to adolescence and late adult world stage, where environmental, cultural, social, new, accompanied by many of the pressures, multiple positions makes it imperative for the individual access to emotional Stability, The equilibrium student with college life a prerequisite for the success and continuation of university study, and is affected by adjustment of students with university life problems, including: the weakness of advance preparation to enter the university level, a difference university atmosphere of education for educational atmosphere in the school, and the varying teaching methods and the way the tests, and that the university give requested greater freedom and greater responsibility as opposed to the school, as well not for academic problems, social, psychological and other educational, may hinder a university student success and progress , As modern societies seeking all educational means to me was to achieve emotional Stability I have members of the community, so as to cope with the rapid and successive particular cultural changes that faced by university students and their faculties of Physical Education students and that can result in psychological effects of negative and even up to make a psychological conflicts, and during the problems the incident and repeated for students of teachers in the schools, and the problems of teachers of physical education in schools in recent times, where they are more teachers dealings with the human and humanitarian entity, as he faces the world today a lot of challenges that will directly affect the sport and sporting environment, objectives and An_itha and the holding and strategies which will reflect on the sports system in general and the students beneficiaries like that system, and so the researcher was defended to do a study shows in which the relationship between the equilibrium emotional and the level of the practical performance of the students of the Faculty of Physical Education, Benha University, where the practical performance is more parameters to show the students' abilities to achieve success, and perseverance in lectures and practical exercises and continuous pursuit of excellence, which increases students' confidence in themselves until it is complacency in light of what others have achieved in the same material, it can also lead to the emotion in any way the image when it can not prosecute up with the evolution of his peers.

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