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Degradation of Biodegradable Drip Tubes
Authors: H. Mostafa and H-H. Thörmann
Year: 2014
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Internal working report for the Institute of Agricultural Technology, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (TI), Germany. The idea of this study is to solve some problems that hinder the expansion of the use of drip irrigation and its advantages in the provision of water and energy. These problems include high annual costs especially for the retrieval and maintenance of drip laterals. Another goal is to protect the environment from some of the problems resulting from the use of drip laterals made from petroleum products. Some, such as limited fossil resources (crude oil), take more than 50 years to degrade and when burned release the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, leading to global warming. According to the new environmental regulations and a growing environmental awareness throughout the world, which have triggered the search for new products and processes that are compatible with the environment, laboratory and field experiments were done to study the suitability of some bioplastic materials already used in agriculture for use as biodegradable drip tubes.

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