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Prioritization of failure modes of fire and rescue vessels with application case study
Authors: Mohamed Haidar, El-Awady Attia, and Ahmed El-Assal
Year: 2017
Keywords: Fire and rescue vessels, criticality assessment, maintenance strategies, MCDM, AHP
Journal: Presented in the 7th IESM Conference, October 11 – 13, 2017, Saarbrücken, Germany
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Pages: 329-334
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Local/International: International
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Marine maintenance department in Kuwait fire service directorate is accountable to perform and organize maintenance activities to guarantee that the fire and rescue vessels are in duty and reliable. To relieve operational failures, critical equipment’s must be specified and prioritized. In this paper, an application case study is presents to prioritize failure modes of equipments’ of fire and rescue vessels according to their criticality using MCDM. A set of evaluation criteria are proposed includes equipment function, service experience, oObsolescence, and failure-associated risk. Each one of these criteria has the associated set of sub-criteria. Failures with high critical scores are recognized and assigned to preventive maintenance. The information of various vessel equipment’s are extracted from records of maintenance department to illustrate the model.

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